Hello Grand Lakers!

Since I got home from Falcon Lake the weather has been OK, just like the Grand Lake fishing.

The white bass have been a little crazy…you catch them one day then the next day will be tough. I don’t really understand that but it’s the way it is for now, it should get better if the water ever warms up.

The crappie have been unreal!

March 17 Fishing Report

The crappie are starting to really bite at Grand Lake & at Lake Eucha. Photo courtesy of Tony Coatney.

I have been going to Lake Eucha and cleaning at least 40 every trip. If you have ever fished Eucha you know it’s a killer crappie lake…and that’s the way it’s been lately.

Large mouth on Grand Lake have been awful lately. Just like with the whites, if it would ever warm up it should get a lot better.

Also, I sold my boat and have the new one ordered. I can’t wait to get it…it’s always a blast to get a new boat!

It’s good to be home here on Grand Lake and I’ve been trying to fish every day, so when your ready to go fishing give me a call.

Until next time…Good Luck Fishing – Tony Coatney (918) 964-0049

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