Hello Grand Lakers!

The fishing on Grand Lake has been really tough for the large mouth bass all winter. Basically, if your not fishing the Elk River area your lucky if you get a bite.

As I was out last weekend I was still seeing shad dying and people keep asking me what is wrong with the lake. Here is what I think…it might be right and might not, but it’s what I think.

There is still a shad kill going on and that’s never good on the fishing because as long as the shad keep dying the fishing will not be good. The fish don’t need to look for food because the food (the dying shad) is coming to them.

Crappie fishing Tony Coatney

See what happens when you go fishing with Tony Coatney?

So, until the shad kill is over (and don’t worry about the shad kill, it’s natural and happens every year) and the water warms up, which it is STARTING to do, the fishing will not get any better.

As we’ve gone later in this week, I’m starting to hear of a few largemouth being caught…so that’s good.

I have been trying the sand bass but they are tough also. The Elk River – where a new lake record white bass was recently caught -was good until we got a little rain and the river got murky. So, until it warms up and the water clears up the sand bass will still be tough.

Now the good news…I have been catching crappie like they are going out of style! I’ve been cleaning anywhere from 40 to 50 per day and catch up to 100 a day depending on the wind because I am catching them deep.

Jerry Kroft has been catching a lot of catfish, and big cats at that!

The spoonbill are around the Sailboat Bridge and Grays Ranch area.

Call me, Tony Coatney at (918) 964-0049 to schedule your next fishing trip.

Until next time…Good Luck Fishing!

Note – All images courtesy of Tony Coatney.


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