Edit***This information was for the 2014 Rush For Brush Event – For the latest on upcoming events, visit the Events Page HERE.***

The GRDA Ecosystems Management Department has scheduled two “Rush For Brush” workshops for this year at Grand Lake.

The first will be held on Saturday, April 19, at the Wolf Creek Park in Grove.

Another workshop is then scheduled for June 7th, in the lower parking lot of the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley.

GRDA is encouraging all area anglers to take part in these workshops to help enhance the fish habitat on Grand and Hudson lakes.

Participants will build fish habits that can be picked up at the end of the day for placement in the lakes.

But supplies are limited, so please reserve your “build a brush” kit by contacting GRDA’s Jacklyn Jaggars at (918) 256-0723.

The Rush For Brush program has been a huge success for GRDA over the years and has grown with more public participation in each year of the program.

The structures that are built are then put in the favorite fishing spots around Grand Lake and Hudson Lake by the people who help make them, thus helping to keep their favorite spot healthy and vibrant.

These brush structures that are built provide protection to fry and fingerlings, which helps keep the fish population healthy.

And with the great success of the Grand Lake Extravaganza, plus all of the tournaments and other fishing events going on, a healthy fish population is great for Grand Lake.

Rush For Brush Fish Habitat

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