I love this time of year and we have had the prefect spring. In Oklahoma you never know what spring will be like.

I remember having a late hard freeze one year and trees, shrubs, everything that had a leaf turned black from the freeze.

The crepe myrtles didn’t bloom until mid summer that year because they had to completely start over at the end of April.

We have also had a spring that was on the cold side and then went straight to 90 degree days, which isn’t fun either.

This year it has been coolish and rainy, like spring should be, and the days are getting warmer but not hot, like spring should be, so savor every moment of the season!

Speaking of rain, we kind of got rained out last Saturday morning so I didn’t sell a lot of flowers.

And actually we had two caterings that day (Remember The Artichoke for your catering needs!) so Jim was happy to have me in the kitchen helping him with that, so it was all good.

But we also had our first vendor of the season at the Saturday Morning Market at The Artichoke that came with some spring vegetables, beautiful radishes, green onions, cilantro, mint and strawberry plants for sale, and it will only get better and better each week.

Our garden at home is coming along well. We haven’t reaped any vegetables yet, but we’ve had chives, cilantro, dill and arugula to kick up a salad, top a potato and make salsa with.

But the carrots have sprouted, the snap peas are about 8″ tall, the beets are up, lettuce is good, potatoes are growing like crazy, and the broccoli is looking great.

The tomatoes and peppers are planted and I’m ready to put in cukes and squashes.

And, so far Mr. Bunny has left everything alone, I guess the big fake snake is doing his job. Tee hee..

Well a lot is going on outdoors and there are a lot of things to get done.

There are pots to get planted and garden space to fill, so it’s time to don the garden hat, gloves and flip flops and get outside and get dirty!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

Oklahoma Garden April 2015

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