What a fantastic Welcome Back weekend we had here at Grand Lake!

We went from snow on Wednesday to beautiful warm sunny weather on Saturday. Just in time! We were closed on Wednesday due to the snow, then had one of our best Saturdays ever at The Artichoke!

Life can be so crazy up here…but we love it, right? After the busy weekend, we went to OKC for grandson’s birthday Sunday, AND we were given tickets to the Thunder game Sunday night.

We rarely miss a game if it is televised, but oh my gosh! There is nothing like being there in the middle of all the energy and enthusiasm, and the seats weren’t bad at all. If given the chance, don’t say no, go and experience it!!

OK, back to gardening stuff. We finally have some good weather to work with. Gobs of folks asked if I got my potatoes planted and the answer is, not yet. But it will happen this week. I also plan on planting seeds of a few cool weather crops like spinach, lettuce, arugula, carrots, beets and sugar snap peas. Now keep in mind, we still could have a hard freeze so after things start to sprout, watch the weather carefully because some plants may need to be covered.

We have talked about being able to grow potatoes in containers, and since the weather he been “iffy” at best, here are some other veggies and herbs that could be started in containers so they could be moved into a protected area if a hard freeze occurs. Long planter boxes can be planted with snap peas (on trellis or teepee), Swiss chard, arugula, flat leaf parsley, chives, mesclun lettuce (which is a mix of leafy lettuces) and Portuguese (sea) kale.

In five gallon containers, you can plant ‘Sun Gold’ tomatoes, ‘Super Bush’ tomatoes, ‘Bush Slicer’ cucumbers, and ‘Astia’ zucchini, one plant per pot. Now these are warm weather crops so they really shouldn’t be planted until night temps get a lot warmer…unless you want to drag them inside often. For that same size pot, multiple plants of Swiss chard or ‘Garden Babies’ lettuce can be planted. These particular ‘Names’ of species have been tested and proven successful for container gardening.

Another creative way to make a container is using a wood pallett make a vertical¬†garden. There are lots of instructions on how to build one on the internet and I’m sure the hardware stores have some pallets available. They can be left natural or they can be painted a color to add some fun to the garden. Hope you are soaking up some vitamin D, because the weather outside is delightful!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

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