April 9, 2015

Hey Grand Lakers! Are we having a great spring or what???

The forsythias and daffodils are about done, and we’re quickly replaced by the redbuds, dogwoods, tulips, phlox, dianthus…I can’t believe all the stuff that is blooming.

We had one night last week that threatened a freeze but I’m not seeing anything less than 45-ish in the next week. That is no guarantee of no more frosts, but I say, Go For It!!

With that in mind, last week I got outside and cleaned up the last of winter debris, pulled the early spring weeds, (don’t you hate that hen bit stuff) and got the gardens and outside pots ready to plant.

I have been saying for the last few weeks that the soil has to be warm enough for tomatoes, peppers and any warm weather annuals, otherwise the roots will not prosper and the plant will not grow.

I checked mine this week and it is up to 60 degrees, which is perfect. Anything 55 and above and you are good to plant the warm weather crops.

If you really want to get those tomatoes going, after you plant them, place a single layer of black plastic around the base of the plants. The sun will heat up the plastic which transfers to the soil and that will get you through the rest of the cool spring.

So Monday I decided I was ready to get my house back, so I hauled all the over wintered plants outside, trimmed all the dead stuff off, topped them with fresh soil, fertilized, watered, and gave them a kiss for luck, because I’m not dragging them back inside!!

Now the porch looks great and the plants are happy.

The only exception is that Meyer Lemon tree. In fact, it looks worse than ever wih very few leaves, but it has one little lemon about the size of a grape. It better improve because this is the last chance to start growing some leaves, or else, it’s over the edge you go…

I am now ready to plant some peppers, tomatoes and the rest of the vegetable garden, and after that, get on with the flowers. I will have bedding plants and hanging baskets available this Saturday, so come and see me from 9:00 to noon.

Happy planting everyone! Enjoy the Earth! Diana

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