The official first day of spring is this Friday and the weather has been more “spring like” thank goodness.

Let’s hope it continues with no pop up snow storms.

I am sure a lot of you have seen the sign that was posted on Facebook that said “SPRING IS HERE. I’M SO EXCITED I WET MY PLANTS!” Is that perfect for us old gardeners or what?

It’s also spring break so we have our 6 and 10 year old grandsons this week. We met in Tulsa to get them so we took them to the Tulsa Home and Garden show.

There were all kinds of fun things for the kids. They played on swings and slides, learned all about bugs and butterflies, petted a giant walking stick bug and saw a huge tarantula, and had their first green smoothie.

We also got to meet Paul James, The Gardener Guy, and the guys from Southwoods Landscape and Garden Center. That got me in the mood to plant!

So hopefully your gardens are ready to plant.

I cheated this year and had my lawn guy, Alan, clean up the gardens, add mushroom compost and turn the soil. I just want to do the fun stuff and skip the back ache!

So Monday was the perfect day to be in the garden, but since we have the boys, we took them to the zoo instead.

That meant getting the garden planted Tuesday when the north wind was howling but with rain coming I wanted to get it done.

Donovin and Latham helped finish some cleaning up chores, then we planted potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, sugar snaps, arugula, spinach and leaf lettuce.

By the way, I talked about planting used green onions a few weeks ago and guess what? It works! They made all new green tops, which is usually what you want.

So a reminder, after cutting off the green tops of store bought green onions, soak the white parts with the roots in water for 15 minutes, then plant them in soil to make new green tops. They will go two or three rounds. It’s like recycling vegetables!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana


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