All over the Grand Lake area the earth is showing signs of life and the weather is cooperating.

Everything is greening up, the red bud trees are ready to burst into bloom, and the trees are budding out like crazy.

I’m still not ready to drag ALL my pots out yet, but maybe a couple of small ones…we have one night this week that they are saying it may drop to 38 degrees here at South Grand Lake, so maybe next week.

So by now you should have all your spring vegetables planted.

The 3+ year old asparagus patch is making spears like crazy and we ate our first helping this week. That flavor cannot be beat!

I used fresh parsley in meatballs and we had fresh chives on our baked potatoes.

The seeds of snap peas, carrots, lettuce, etc. that we planted a couple of weeks ago are peaking out of the soil so it won’t be long and we will be eating all kinds of goodies out of the garden. Woohoo!

Well it’s great that all this is going on but it also means the pests are going to start showing up. So how about being ready with some natural remedies and try to catch them early.

Oklahoma Gardener had some solutions that are simple to make and easy to apply, starting with hand picking the bad bugs and dropping them into a bucket of soapy water (one of my favorites, only I use hot soapy water to make sure they are dead).

Companion planting using herbs works because of the strong scents the herbs produce which can confuse would be pests and yet attract beneficial insects. You can even sprinkle dried or powdered herbs on the leaves and around the plant. This works best if done in the morning when the dew will help it stick to the leaves. Reapply often. This makes good use of all those herbs we have out there.

To battle cutworms or snails, save your eggshells. Rinse them and crush them up and spread a handful around the base of any of your plants. The sharp edges will tear up their bellies and at the same time add calcium to the soil.

Another quick and easy tip to trap flying insects like flea beetles or white flies is a sticky trap. Just put Vaseline on both sides of a yellow 3×5 inch note card. Attach the card to the tines of a plastic fork and stick it in the soil, tines up. The yellow attracts the pest and the Vaseline makes them stick. Cool, huh?

Well, I’m out of space again. Enjoy the weather and everything that spring at Grand Lake has to offer, have a Happy Easter and save those egg shells after the hunt! Enjoy the Earth! Diana

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