Welcome to May Grand Lakers.

Hold on to your hats, because the weather has been great and the season is here! The 80 degree days gave lots of opportunity to get outside and plant stuff.

And we are going to get some rain again, which is a good thing. I much prefer Mother Nature to do the watering.

So we didn’t have to go anywhere last weekend (Sunday Monday for us) so I had a long list of chores for us.

I had to pot up some asparagus ferns for a long time customer, we had repairs to do on the porch at the Artichoke, there were things to plant at home, the list was long for two days off.

So we started at the restaurant and ended up spending more time than expected.

Then I headed to the house and started on a neglected shade garden area.

In went a couple of new hostas, and my neighbor came over and said she had an abundance of these ferns and let me come and dig out a few and add to the shade garden.


After adding some needed top soil and mulching with some pine mulch, voila! A beautiful shade garden!

After a few more garden chores I headed to the porch to get a most important chore done.

No, not a “martini” chore, the “hosing down the screens and floors on the porch” chore.

Bye bye pollen! It was a good thing this was my last chore of the day because there is no way to clean the screens without getting a little wet and I was pretty dirty.

After taking a real shower and donning some cleans shorts and shirt, then I tackled the martini chore!

Thanks Jim, for having it ready. He makes the best martinis…

So, we had a good Saturday Market last week. We had onions, radishes, spinach, lettuce, turnips, salsa, eggs, cookies and pies, pottery, gourmet salts, soaps, lotions, and lots of beautiful flowers.

Mother’s Day is this weekend so a gorgeous hanging basket or piece of pottery, or a basket of local veggies or homemade pies would make a great gift!

Come and see us 9 to 1 Saturday!!

Enjoy the Earth! Diana

hastas and ferns at Grand Lake OK




Dig This is a weekly column contributed by Diana Sellers of The Artichoke and Saturday Morning Market celebrating gardening and the great outdoors in the Grand Lake area…



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