It’s summer once again and that means it’s time for Fireworks at Grand Lake!

Watching fireworks at Grand Lake has to be the biggest spectator activity at the lake, with thousands and thousands of people each year taking in the many fireworks shows that can be seen from land or water all around Grand Lake during the July 4th holiday.

So, I don’t need to tell you what it’s all about, you just want to know when the big 2014 fireworks shows at Grand Lake will take place. Well, here you go…

Thursday, July 3rd:

  • City of Grove Fireworks¬†will take place on Thursday, July 3rd and again be shot from on the water in front of Wolf Creek Park in Grove. This is the 2nd year for the fireworks to take place in this location, which is a natural with plenty of room for spectators and a fun filled, family event with vendors, food and live music. –¬†Update – Sorry for confusion on the City of Grove Fireworks. I was told by a city employee several weeks ago that this year’s show was on the 4th, but apparently that was wrong. The City of Grove Fireworks is actually on July 3rd…

Friday, July 4th:

  • Duck Creek Fireworks will take place on Friday, July 4th, at the usual location on Duck Creek between Arrowhead and Cherokee Yacht Clubs. This legendary show also features flyovers through Duck Creek from World War II Warbirds and other vintage aircraft, plus usually an F-16 or some other awe inspiring salute to our country’s freedom.

Saturday, July 5th:

  • Grand Lake Fireworks will fill the sky on Saturday, July 5th, on the water in front of the spillways in Disney. This show is visible to more Grand Lakers, either by water or by land, than any other fireworks show at Grand Lake, and this year’s show promises to be the biggest ever.
  • Monkey Island Fireworks also take place on Saturday, July 5th, from the airport on Monkey Island. This show also grows each year and the 2014 show promises to fill the sky from Grove to Horse Creek to The Coves.

The other thing about fireworks season at Grand Lake is that wherever you are on the lake, from around June 20th until July 6th or so, you can see a fireworks show all around the lake each night, but especially on the weekend nights.

It’s staggering the amount of money that people spend on fireworks when they come to Grand Lake, but I must say, I sure do enjoy sitting on the deck and watching all the Grand Lake fireworks!

2014 Grand Lake Fireworks

On the water fireworks shows are a big part of your Grand Lake summer!

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