The 2015 Sumner Machine BMR – that stands for Big Meat Run – happens in Disney OK on Friday March 27th & Saturday March 28th.

This annual event brings thousands of people to Disney and South Grand Lake every March for what is the biggest not on the water event of the year at Grand Lake.

And it’s so cool because jeepers and off-road enthusiasts come from several states away…just to play on the rocks and trails below Pensacola Dam in Disney.

For those of you who have been at BMR…you know…it’s awesome.

***Update – if you haven’t seen it, check out the Feature on John Sumner HERE***

And if it’s going to be your first time at BMR…get ready for a great weekend of crawling and climbing with thousands of your new best friends!

It really is one of the best parties of the year in the South Grand Lake area.

Disney has become home to many rock crawling events every year, buy BMR remains a favorite.

As usual, the folks from Grand Lake Fireworks will be on hand as well all day Saturday with breakfast and lunch and a silent auction and raffle that is all part of a fundraiser for the annual Grand Lake Fireworks show in Disney every July 4th holiday.

Anyway, don’t miss the biggest climbin’ and crawlin’ event of the year…2015 Sumner Machine BMR in Disney Oklahoma!

For more information and info on place to stay (IF there are any available) head on over to Facebook and check out Two Mom’s Campground and Dam Rec Park.


2015 BMR in Disney OK

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