Well that didn’t take long, did it?

The very first fish caught in the Grand Lake Extravaganza was a Grand Prize Winning fish worth $5,000.

Tom Murphy, from Richland Missouri, was on the lake pre-fishing for the FLW Rayovac tournament on Tuesday, April 1st. Fortunately for him, he had already registered for the event and so he used his cell phone to register his bass online.

Even better, Tom knew what to do once he caught the fish and followed the rules of the contest to make sure he was a winner.

His tag number won him a free nights stay and dinner for two at Indigo Sky Casino, but the next day he found out that his fish was also one of the Grand Prize Winning Fish.

Tagged Bass Grand Lake

Pictured are…Scott Cox with GRDA, Brent and Kim Davis – Brent is Head of Fisheries with GRDA, Tom Murphy, Tad Jones, Melanie Chase – Marketing Director Indigo Sky Casino

“I was excited to catch a tagged bass and happy with the prize, but when I was told that I might have won $5,000, my heart raced,” said Murphy.

He had to go through the validation process to make sure he had purchased a badge, where he caught the fish and a number of other questions and it was validated that his fish was worth $5,000.

Tad Jones, the Executive Director of the Grand Lake Association, was made aware of the prize on Wednesday and met with Tom to get the validation information.

“I was so surprised that a Grand Prize Winning Fish was already caught,” said Jones. “Since this was our first year, we weren’t sure what to expect in tagged bass catches, but for this one to be caught on day one is really exciting.”

There are still chances for $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and many other prizes on the other tagged bass that are in Grand Lake. The Extravaganza goes from April 1-May 18th.

“I am really glad I registered and I’m hoping to catch another tagged bass and do well in the FLW tournament,” said Murphy.

If you are lucky – or is it good – enough to catch a tagged bass during the Grand Lake Extravaganza, here – this is straight from the official rules of the contest – is what you need to do:

  1. Take a picture of the bass with the tag attached
  2. Take a close up of the tag and its code
  3. You can remove the tag and release the fish (you may do this too if you are in a tournament and want to cull your bass)
  4. If you need assistance you can visit one of our participating marinas or bait and tackle shops around Grand Lake
    1. Marinas – Cedar Port (Disney – by Pensacola Dam) Indian Hills (Bernice) or Tera Miranda (Monkey Island)
    2. Bait and Tackle Shops – Grand Lake Sports Center (Grove), Littlefield’s (Grove or Monkey Island), Ket-chum Bait and Tackle (Just north of Ketchum on Highway 82), The Y Store (Jay).
  5. Register your tag at www.grandlakeextravaganza.com
  6. You will receive an email on whether or not you caught a grand prize bass
  7. Contact the Grand Lake Association at 918-786-2289 to get your donated prize.
  8. If you catch a Grand Prize fish worth $10,000 or more, you will be subject to a polygraph test.

To register for the Grand Lake Extravaganza, go to www.grandlakeextravaganza.com.


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