Ketchum Public Schools, THE school district of the South Grand Lake region, is looking for ONE exceptional leader to join our team as the Ketchum High School Principal and help us continue on our path to becoming one of the premier rural districts in the State of Oklahoma.

Why Ketchum and why now? Good questions…

  • Over the past couple of years, the Ketchum School District has successfully implemented focused Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) that value the input from all teachers in a collaborative environment. These PLCs give your staff the opportunity to continue to grow professionally and work together for the good of the students and the community. That’s a good thing.
  • Taxpayer support has led to the implementation of a one-to-one initiative in the Ketchum district that includes Chromebooks for all students grades 4 through 12. This program was widely embraced in it’s first year (2016-17) and this is without question a great opportunity for the right leader at the right time to help put Ketchum High School at the forefront of using technology in the classroom and, more importantly, give the students and the community the tools they need to move forward in an ever evolving world.
  • Taxpayer support also paved the way for a brand new Vocational-Agriculture program at Ketchum this coming school year. With a brand new building and a brand new program, this is truly a rare opportunity to help shape a program that will become a foundation of the education of students in the South Grand Lake area for decades to come.

The Ketchum school community includes a mix of long time local residents plus an influx of new residents who seek the Grand Lake Living lifestyle and are able to leverage technology like the Bolt Fiber Optic system to run businesses and work remotely.

It is also worth noting that thanks to the property tax base in the South Grand Lake area, Ketchum schools are impacted less by major state funding cuts than the vast majority of school districts in the State of Oklahoma. That’s kind of a big deal in this day and time.

If all of this interests you, then the administration at Ketchum welcomes the chance to visit with you.

But only if you are highly motivated and goal-oriented and are looking to join a district that already has a wide range of successful programs with a motivated, professional staff and a community of students and parents that expect the Ketchum School District to provide the rock solid foundation that leads to a lifetime of learning and achievement.

Of course, time is of the essence.

Please send your resume or inquire with any specific questions by June 20, 2017 to [email protected].

But wait…there’s more!

Also open at this time (June 2017) are a few of other certified positions :

  • Reading Specialist in the Elementary
  • High School Counselor
  • High School English Teacher

You can also apply for those positions by emailing the above address.

Ketchum Cheer 2016 State Champs

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