Update 12/30/2015

At some point during the night, the discharge out of Grand Lake finally surpassed the inflows – meaning the Grand Lake level has crested and the lake will begin to recede.

As of 7 am, the Grand Lake level was 754.41 and dropping, per the GRDA website.

The process to return the Grand Lake level to normal will be VERY SLOW as there is no room for more water below Pensacola Dam at this point. GRDA is working with all its partners to best control water levels throughout the Neosho and Grand River watersheds.

So you can feel confident that the lake has reached it’s highest level and will slowly begin it’s drop back to normal.

Also, keep in mind these safety tips from GRDA and you can go HERE to learn how to stay informed during flood release operations.

With more floodgate operations, discharge levels to remain high – 12/29/2015

Langley – Additional floodgate operations were made at the Grand River Dam Authority’s Pensacola Dam on Tuesday (December 29) to deal with the continued heavy inflows of water into the Grand River System.

At the direction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Pensacola Dam is currently discharging 226,525 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water through its spillways and generation. Downstream at the Robert S. Kerr Dam on Lake Hudson, current discharge is 220,050 cfs.

Discharges at both dams are exceptionally high and among the largest in the history of both facilities.

Based on current elevations and continued inflows into the system, it is anticipated that this level of discharge will continue at both dams for several days.

GRDA personnel continue to monitor the situation to ensure that its flood control facilities, including Pensacola and Kerr dams, and the Salina dike, continue to operate as designed.

GRDA also remains in close contact with Mayes County Emergency Management, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the USACE to keep all parties updated on the high water conditions on its lakes.

Floodwater release bulletins will be updated as conditions warrant.

Grand Lake Floodwater Releases


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