Back on Sunday, March 2nd, there was a devastating fire at Spinnaker Point Condominiums on Duck Creek.

Not devastating in the loss of life, thankfully, but devastating in the sheer power of and destruction caused by the fire.

6 units were completely destroyed in the fire that could have easily destroyed several more with the screaming North winds and freezing temperatures – this was the Sunday we got all that sleet then snow. It was a brutally cold and miserable day.

Grand Lake Firefighters

Volunteer firefights from throughout the Grand Lake area responded to this fire at Spinnaker Point. Image courtesy of Jason Sauer, Carselowey Volunteer Fire Department

I’m not privy on to why the fire may have started – apparently it may have been electrical – but here is what I do know.

Over 15 local fire departments and over 50 local firefighters responded to the blaze that completely destroyed 6 units of the popular Grand Lake condo development.

For those of us that live and work in the Grand Lake area, we know these firefighters as our neighbors, co-workers and friends – the guys and gals from the hardware store, the teachers and coaches of our kids in the schools, school board members, the folks from REC and Bolt Fiber Optic and GRDA and so many other places.

You see, like almost all of rural Oklahoma, it’s the community that fights fires and responds to emergency calls around the majority of Grand Lake.

You better believe they are highly trained, take what they do seriously and will do whatever they can to save lives and protect property.

But they are not like the full-time firefighters and first responders in the larger towns and cities that get pay, benefits and are trained to fight fires and save lives every single day.

So when a fire such as the one at Spinnaker Point breaks out and you find out about all of the community members – firefighters and first responders – who took their valuable time on a Sunday to risk their lives to protect property and make sure no lives were harmed, it makes you stop for just a second.

Does this sort of community response happen all over Oklahoma and other rural areas of the United States?

Sure it does.

I’m just thankful it happens right here at Grand Lake.



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