The Grand Lake Extravaganza continues to be a great success with over 70 tagged bass caught since the beginning of the event.

And now, the Grand Lake Association is adding even more to the event.

For every registered angler that catches a tagged bass – at any time during the event – they will be automatically entered into a final drawing for $1,000 cash at the end of the event.

According to Executive Director of the Grand Lake Association Tad Jones, “This has been an unbelievable first year and we want to give another big prize to an angler that has caught a tagged bass.”

Tagged Bass Grand Lake

A $5,000 prize had already been won, and now you have another chance at $1,000 in the Grand Lake Extravaganza.

A person will be entered for as many tagged bass as they catch. So, those of you who have already caught two or three tagged bass…you will be entered that number of times.

But, those that have caught a Grand Prize Winning tagged bass will not be eligible and one was already caught for $5,000.

“We have given out a lot of prizes this year and each angler that has caught a tagged bass has won at least $50,” said Jones. “Now they are in the pot for $1,000 and the more they catch, the better chance they have of winning the final drawing.”

But HURRY! The Grand Lake Extravaganza will continue until May 18th and you must register for the event – learn more on that here – and have a valid Oklahoma fishing license and be 18 years old to be eligible to catch a tagged bass.

For more information and to register, go to

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