Man, today’s Tulsa World has some real interesting stuff in it.

On the one hand, you’ve got experts telling you to stay out of Grand Lake.  Levels of toxicity with “warnings from water scientists that toxins created by the blue green algae exceed international standards by as much as 18-fold in some places”.

Wow.  I don’t think I’ll be swimming, skiing or fishing in the lake until this goes away.

Grand Lake Sunrise

Oh yeah, and it’s expected to get worse before it gets better.

On the other hand, you have local alleged legend Joe Harwood saying “this has been a major overreaction, in my opinion,” and “it’s very damaging economically.”

Then Papa Joe, as he is affectionately and not-so-affectionately called, goes on to discuss how there is always risk with swimming in Grand Lake.  Well, duh, but this might just be a little different.

Then his buddy Dr. Cox, who does alot of good things for this area (so does Joe Harwood, in fairness), chimes in that he is more worried about urine levels in his cove than the algae.

Yes sir, I’m right there with you.  People have been pissin’ and shittin’ in Grand Lake for a long, long time.  Even current septic systems that still likely run right into the lake, untreated and all.  Can’t prove that, just saying…

But fellas (Joe and Doug), this feels a  little different.  Isn’t a little girl that you both know in the hospital because of this?

Dr. Doug goes on to call out GRDA and DEQ for their mishandling of this event.  He’s embarrassed and ashamed.

This just feels a little different, fellas…

I’m curious…what responsibility does GRDA have to people and businesses who have chosen to live, visit or do business along or near Grand Lake?  Anyone,  Bueller….Bueller?  How about the notion that the ONLY responsibility GRDA has to anyone is to do everything they can to ensure their safety while in, on and around the waters of Grand Lake.

Here’s another question…what RIGHT does anyone have to benefit from another’s property?

Anyway, here’s another link to another article in the paper today that answers some basic questions so many of us have about the blue/green algae caper of 2011.   It’s just beyond my self-centered universe belief that people would go and get sick in a toxic environment and we should be outraged that government agencies are actually trying to let people know!  The nerve.

There you have it…another rant from a hidden face.  We will go on living at Grand Lake.  We know there is urine and crap and chemicals and runoff and chicken chit and on and on and on in the lake.  That stuff is in every lake.

Thank You…GRDA, DEQ, Tulsa World, Local TV stations, etc., for not trying to cover up a very real health hazard to all Grand Lake users to help protect the pocket books of others.

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