Well, isn’t this interesting!

The Grand Lake Algae Bloom of 2011 has a whole bunch of speedos in a wad.

Grand Lake Oklahoma

On the most basic level, you’ve got documented cases of people getting sick from this blue/green algae.  I’m not going to go into what the algae is, you can check it out on the GRDA website.

As it unfolds, though, there seem to be two camps…those with a little common sense and those who feel they are entitled to something.

My opinion is safety first…myself and my family, particularly my children, will not be getting into Grand Lake this weekend.  Are we alarmist freaks?  Some may think so, but as we tell ourselves all the time…we are the only normal ones!

But what really cranks my speedo up my crack is these local business people and Grand Lake visitors and homeowners who think they have some kind of God given right to Grand Lake.  REALLY!?

For the local business owners, the line is “ooohhh, we’ve had it so bad…GRDA can’t possibly close the lake down on us.  That’s not fair, we rely on this business”.  Well, you know what, you made the choice to have a business at Grand Lake and understand that your entire business may be built around a 3 month season.  And if something goes south during that season, tough crappie crap.  Deal with it…..nobody owes you anything!

By the way, I wonder how many of those business owners will be swimming or let their families or children swim this weekend…

Then there are all these people who say “I don’t care, I’m swimming anyway, I can do what I want”.  No you can’t, you twit.  Grand Lake is not your property to do with what you want.  Have a little respect for someone else’s property rights, would you?  GRDA has every right, in fact a responsibility, to shut down this lake if it’s unsafe.

Sorry for the rant folks…you can see this Grand Lake Living site is just getting off the ground, but this algae thing has me fired up…not necessarily the algae, or the people who choose, but don’t expect, to go swimming.

What’s got my idle up is the relentless whoa is me in our culture.  Too freakin’ bad if you have to alter your holiday plans a little bit…in the name of safety for gawd’s sake!

Anyway, those of you coming to the lake this weekend…we’re glad to have you.  Enjoy, spend lots of money and enjoy some more.  I think I’m off my air chair now.

Bottom line is be safe out there…GRDA board did not close Grand Lake, and I frankly don’t know how I would have voted if I was on the board.  I do know of a little girl that is in the hospital because of this…I wonder if that information was shared with the board. Would be real interesting to know that…because they should know that.

Oh Yeah…Happy Independence Day, and God Bless America!

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