What is Grand Lake Living?

Living at Grand Lake is about taking the time to “breathe in” and enjoy the quiet beauty of the Grand Lake area.  And, yes I mean quiet beauty.  It’s really only loud and crowded for around 2 months of the year.

Have you been here in the fall, when the mornings are so cool that steam rises off the lake as the sunrises?  Have you ever seen any part of the main lake frozen (It was, just last year!)?  Have you stood on the dam during the Christmas parade with that nice north breeze coming across the lake?  What about the first hint of green in the spring…ahhh, the warmth is coming!  These are the things that living at Grand Lake are truly about.

Grand Lake Oklahoma morning steam

Now, trust me, I’ve been that guy who wants to be out on the boat all day in the middle of July, even though it’s 100 degrees with no breeze and no shade.  I can’t do it anymore, though.  Actually, I don’t want to do it anymore.  I like our deck…much more comfortable.

Oh well, we all appreciate the summertime folks.  Although, the non-stop fireworks for a couple of months on weekends does get old.  But to me, Grand Lake is about waking up before sunrise and hearing dogs barking from over a mile away on the other side of the lake…it’s about hearing 3 different owls do there thing in the early morning hours…it’s about daybreak over Grand Lake…truly awesome!

For some it’s about the parties and yacht clubs and being seen.  For others it’s about catching fish, for other’s it’s about the awesome 4 wheeling below Pensacola Dam.  And, for others, it’s about just being, as it should be.  Then there are the “go fast” boats…I look at them and just wonder WHY?

Ultimately, for most, it’s about time with friends and family.  That’s the most important thing in anything we do…those that are important to us.

And there is so much for everyone, whether you want your own piece of Grand Lake real estate, or just a night camping under the stars, or the nightlife, or fishing, or four-wheeling, or reading your favorite book, or wakeboarding, or….

So don’t worry about the water level…there is nothing you can do about it.  Well, unless you want to fight to get the federal government to change their ways…good luck with that.  The key is to be aware of the seasons and the ebbs and flows of Grand Lake.  Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold.  Sometimes the lake is up, and sometimes it’s down…by virtue of mother nature or big brother.  Either way, it’s up to you to be careful out there!

Understand that at Grand Lake, just like in life, there is high water and low water.  Just go with it…your at the lake!

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