Two of the most popular ongoing projects of the Grand River Dam Authority, the Boating Safety Course and the Rush for Brush events, have now been scheduled for 2017.

Each of these projects offers a great service to the Grand Lake community and stakeholders.

So make plans now if you need to attend the boating safety course or are interested in participating in the Rush for Brush.

GRDA Boating Safety Courses

GRDA will help you make sure your family has a safe and enjoyable experience at the lakes while having fun and remaining in compliance with the law while operating a vessel on Oklahoma lakes.

As a service to our recreational boaters, GRDA Police provides boating courses free of charge.

Safe Boating Classes

We encourage all boaters, young and old, to take advantage of the courses to learn how to safely and legally operate a boat and we will provide you with a great deal of information that is specific to boating on GRDA lakes.

Whether you are an experienced boater or a novice, this course will provide you with all of the information you need to know about how to safely operate a boat or personal water craft, understand the rules of navigation, maintain your vessel, the proper use of flotation devices, what equipment is required and much more.

Most insurance companies also offer discounts for boat owners who have successfully completed this course.

The Kyle Williams Boating Safety Education Act prohibits kids between the ages of 12 and up to 16 years of age, without a valid driver’s license, from operating any vessel powered by a motor of more than 10 horsepower or sailing a vessel 16 feet or longer without first completing a state approved Boater Safety Course, and must have a certificate documenting their completion of the course.

Fines for violating this law range from $50 to $500.

By attending this course, teens from 12 to 16 will learn everything they need to know to operate a boat or PWC and will receive a certificate to operate that is good on any lakes in Oklahoma.

This is a terrific course for any lake-goers to attend to learn what laws and regulations are applicable on area lakes and rivers.

All classes begin at 8:00 AM and are completed by 5:00 PM.

The courses will be held at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center, 420 Hwy 28 in Langley, on the west side of Pensacola Dam.

Dates for the classes are March 18, April 29, May 20 and June 24th.

To attend a course, you must pre-register at or call Jamie Flud at 918-256-0880.

“Rush for Brush” Projects Scheduled

GRDA invites all area anglers to join our 11th annual “Rush for Brush” project to enhance the fish habitats on Grand Lake and Lake Hudson.

Rush For Brush

Participating anglers will build fish habitats that can be picked up at the end of the day for placement on Grand or Hudson lakes.

Volunteers will be responsible for loading and transporting their completed habitats that can be placed within our lakes to encourage the healthy growth of a variety of fish in our waters.

GRDA will provide all materials for the “Build-a-Brush Workshops” and there is no cost to attend or to build your fish habitats.

The Rush for Brush projects will be held beginning at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 1 in Wolf Creek Park in Grove, and on Saturday, May 20 at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in the lower parking lot in Langley, at the west end of Pensacola Dam.

Participants must pre-register at or call Audrey Collins at 918-256-0895.

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