Next week, October 13-17, Highway 28 across Pensacola Dam will be closed from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for a required, federal inspection of the roadway and bridge decking that must take place every 2 years.

“A total road closure during the inspection hours allows us to complete this work more quickly and safely,” said GRDA Corporate Communications Director Justin Alberty. “We understand it will present an inconvenience for many travelers, but a total closing is necessary for the safety of the inspectors.”

Alberty added that GRDA will be working with contractors to complete the inspection of the structure and a roadway that has been accommodating traffic since its completion in 1940.

Inspectors will use a special “snooper truck” to get an up close look at the bridge decking from the bottom side, at the top of each of the main dam’s 51 arches. The east spillways will also be inspected.

He also added that informational flyers, including a map for alternate routes, are being distributed to the public.

That information will also be available at and on GRDA’s Facebook page. Temporary signs are also being posted near the dam to remind the traffic of the closing dates.

“We appreciate the public’s cooperation during this time, so that the work can progress smoothly,” said Alberty.

The map below shows the alternate routes that can be taken while the roadway across Pensacola Dam is closed.

Traveling from Disney to Langley:

  • Head east out of Disney on Highway 28 for approximately 10 miles, until the junction with Highway 20.
  • Turn right (west) on Highway 20 and follow it, approximately 9 miles, to the Highway 20/82 junction.
  • Stay straight through the junction on Highway 82 for approximately 4 miles into Langley.

Traveling from Langley to Disney:

  • Head south out of Langley on Highway 82 for approximately 4 miles to the Highway 20/82 junction.
  • Stay straight through the junction to follow Highway 20 east for approximately 9 miles.
  • Then turn left (north) onto Highway 28 and follow it approximately 10 miles into Disney.
Alternate routes around Pensacola Dam

Alternate routes while the Pensacola Dam roadway is closed for inspections.

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