They said it was going to happen, didn’t they? And a bunch of you didn’t believe them.

Them, of course, being the weather peoples of Oklahoma.

Around 6 inches of that sneety coldness on the ground on Monday morning at my place.

But, shoot, by the weekend…it will be a distant memory.

And spring fever will be right back in full swing, complete with crappie being caught, golf clubs being swung, boats on the lake and gardens getting ready for planting.

Grand Lake flowers

The Iris will be blooming around Grand Lake in no time!

The Daffodils will be blooming in no time. So will the Iris.

Heck, I just looked at the extended forecast, and there are even several chances for showers over the next 10 days.

That’s a good thing. And, that’s the way it works around here. Well, everywhere really.

Extremes and the middle.

Hot and cold. Wet and dry. Snow and sun.

It’s just weather. and you can’t control it.

So don’t take it personally…as so many seem to do on social media…when the weather doesn’t cooperate in the most convenient way for you.

What you can control is your attitude. Enjoy the snow days with your children and family. Watch movies that you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t gotten around to because everything is always just go, go, go.

By the way – did you catch the Oscars? We watched 3 movies over the weekend (again…thank you SNOW DAYS!) – Osage County, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska – and they were all really good. I know I couldn’t pick a ‘Best’ out of those.

Anyway, the real question to come from the Oscars is this…actually 2 questions…1) Where did John Travolta get that hair and 2) What is your #johntravoltaname?

Me? I’m Jorf Monorail.

The point of all this?

It’s going to be alright…it’s just a little snow and cold. It will go away.

And that great renewal that is Spring at Grand Lake will be working it’s magic again.

The Daffodils and the Iris will be blooming in no time. I promise.

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