Unless you haven’t been paying attention – or frankly, just don’t care (that’s OK too) – then you’ve no doubt heard the cries about the lowering of Grand Lake each fall.

This has been an ongoing program – called ‘idiotic’, ‘dangerous’, ‘economic disaster’ and other very helpful things over the years – that takes the lake elevation down to 741′ above sea level by Labor Day each year.

Yes, it’s low. Especially when the rest of the year the target elevation is over 742′.

Yes, that 1′ difference in elevation makes a big difference for boating safety.

Yes, you really need to pay more attention to where you are when you are out boating.

Yes, it isn’t a program based on any sound reasoning.

So why is it a problem?Grand Lake level Pep Rally

Mostly for boaters, who during the low level months experience a greater frequency of damaged props from unseen underwater objects and also lakefront homeowners who can’t even get their boats in the water from their docks because their lifts won’t go all the way down – I know…I know…buyer and boater beware.


For all those reasons – and more – the lake level issue has become a rallying cry for Grand Lakers.

Which leads us to the Lake Level Pep Rally, hosted by the South Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, scheduled for this Friday, October 31st, at Cherokee Yacht Club at 11:30 am. Yes, this is a lunch time meeting and rally complete with a buffet lunch.

There is more good news for Grand Lakers on this front, as a study that had been requested by FERC has been completed by researchers at OU and shows basically no bad affects from raising the target minimum elevation to 742′ for residents in and near Miami who have for years claimed this as a flooding issue, which it never has been.

This time, there is real science on the side of the Grand Lakers, so maybe something can finally get changed.

Anyway, this Friday is a rallying day for Grand Lakers to get together in an organized front and plan on how to best get the rule curve change approved.

Hopefully, the Grand Lakers involved directly in the process will not resort to name calling and loud noises, as that hasn’t worked in the past.

So, back to the rally.

The meeting will help Grand Lakers understand how to help the process by distributing sample letters and other topics for letters with specifics to be submitted to FERC in support of the GRDA rule curve amendment.

GRDA Chief Operating Office Dan Sullivan will also be at the rally to update on GRDA’s plans for the filing of the rule curve amendment and to talk more specifically about the details in the OU study.

The South Grand Lake Area Chamber has done a good job in recruiting other area organizations to join the crusade, with the Grand Lake Association, Grove Chamber, Northeast Oklahoma Board of Realtors, Tulsa Regional Realtors Association, Oklahoma Association of Realtors, Grove Rotary Club and Monkey Island Business Association having joined the battle.

The chamber is expecting a large turn-out for the lake level rally and reservations are appreciated to give an accurate count for lunch.

So if you want to put your dog in this fight and want to attend and find out how you can help, please RSVP to the South Grand Lake Chamber by visiting the web site at southgrandlakechamber.com or e-mail the office at [email protected] or call 918-782-3214.

You can also click here to learn more about the history of the controversial lowering of the lake level each year and the story behind it.



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