Langley – In an effort to complete an evaluation of the emergency gate operation system, the Grand River Dam Authority is announcing that the portion of Highway 28 that crosses Pensacola Dam will be closed on Tuesday, October 18, from 9AM to 1PM.

“The closure will only last four hours but it does have to be completely closed during that time, for safety reasons,” said GRDA Corporate Communications Director Justin Alberty. “We understand it may present an inconvenience for some travelers, so we tried to do it a time that could minimize that inconvenience.”

Alberty added that informational flyers, including a map for alternate routes, are being distributed to the public.

That information will also be available at and on GRDA’s Facebook page.

“We appreciate the public’s cooperation during this time, so that the work can progress smoothly and quickly,” said Alberty.

Here is a map with alternate routes around Pensacola Dam to help you get to where you need to be on that day.

Alternate routes around Pensacola Dam

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