After getting lucky with no loss of life in the 2011 Grand Lake tornado, the residents of Gran Tara, Red Arrow, Crace Shores, Amber Waves, The Vintage, Paradise Cove, Two Tree, and Woodland Shores are returning to the ways of their agricultural ancestors.

Instead of ‘raising a barn’ for a nearby neighbor in need, these residents are knocking on doors of neighbors and local businesses, sending out letters and collecting donations among their own to ‘raise’ a siren.

Sherry Wolf is a resident of Gran Tara who began the project with her own research and door-knocking in 2011. She says, “We finally decided to just do it ourselves!”

Grants for such projects are few and far between, as Sherry will tell anyone who asks. Because of her persistence, Sherry did find a grant sponsored through the REC. It was granted for this project in the amount of $1,335.

Grand Lake Tornado Damage

It’s amazing with all the destruction that there was no loss of life from the 2011 Grand Lake tornado.

The driving point behind this project is to save lives. A tornado siren would alert residents, both full-time and part-time, of oncoming danger from another tornado.

An alert from this local siren would give everyone within a 1 ¼ mile radius of McLaughlin Cemetery ample time to find proper shelter from severe impending weather. Memories of the disastrous tornado that swept through these subdivisions not long ago still linger in the minds of locals.

The cost of a siren with the capacity to alert residents of the eight subdivisions mentioned above plus individuals within a 1.14 mile radius of McLaughlin Cemetery is $29,550.00.

As of January 14, 2014, approximately $7000 has been raised through donations and a Round-Up Grant sponsored by REC ($1335).

Some important things about the siren are:

  • The optimum location for the siren was established by the Delaware County Emergency Manager, Ron Real. His findings were based on the topographical elevation in Gran Tara. The sound of the siren would reach the most homes if placed at Gran Tara’s maintenance building.
  • The siren must have electrical service. It would be attached to service at the maintenance building. Approval for this service has been granted by the Gran Tara Board of Directors.
  • The siren must be insured in the event that it is destroyed. It has been approved to be added to Gran Tara’s already existing policy. The fact that Gran Tara is a gated community provides added security.
  • The siren can only be activated by the National Weather Service, not an individual.

Please note that although the location of the siren will be on Gran Tara’s property, its purpose is not to just serve Gran Tara’s residents. Its purpose is to reach as many people as possible in the surrounding area. As mentioned, this is the optimal location for the siren to reach the most people effectively.

Donations are now being taken to raise the monies needed to complete this project.

If you are able and you live, full-time or part-time, within a 1 ¼ mile radius of McLaughlin Cemetery, please donate any amount to help fund this project.

Please contact Sherry Wolf at (816) 699-2118 or Jack Kenney at (918) 584-9272 today to offer your help and/or to make a donation.

Help protect yourself and your family. Donate today so we don’t need to rely on getting ‘lucky’ again.



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