With activities related to the new Grand Lake “Adopt The Shoreline” program set to begin this month, the Grand River Dam Authority is sharing more information about the program schedule and locations.

The program, resulting from a cooperative agreement between GRDA, Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron and various Grand Lake stakeholders, works like this: the shoreline is divided into 10 “zones,” with a coordinator for each zone. Grand Lake Adopt-The-Shoreline

That coordinator organizes volunteers who work together at set times to clean up their specific zone.

GRDA will support the effort by supplying trash bags and will also be paying the disposal costs for all approved program cleanup events.

At the same time, GRDA has also staffed its own full-time shoreline cleanup crew, complete with a barge and the necessary equipment to remove large debris form the lake shore.

Many of the scheduled clean-up events are set to take place in April and May.

Below is a map of the Grand Lake “zones” and scroll down for the cleanup schedule, by zone.Grand Lake Adopt the Shoreline zone map

GRDA will be accepting white dock foam and trash collected from the shoreline at these dumpster sites, on these dates:

 Zone             Date                                  Time                                     Dumpster Location

1                      April 21st                                 8am to 4pm                 Discount Dock Service (Back of Duck Creek)

2                      April 3rd & 4th                          8am to 4pm               Clearwater Bay Marina (Back of Rapier Hollow)

2                      April 28th                                 8am to 4pm                Hi-Lift Marina (Drowning Creek)

3                      April 13th & 14th                      8am to 4pm                Gran Tara HOA Boat Ramp & GRDA Hanger Ramp  (North of Red Arrow Marina & across from Rabbit Island)

4                      May 14th                                  9am to 4pm                 Public Boat Ramp in Big Hollow (End of S. 544 Road)                                           

5                      May 9th                                   8am to 4pm                 Southwinds Marina in Bernice

6                      April 20th & 21st                      8am to 4pm               Shangri-La public boat ramp, east of Chateaus (NW of marina) & Premier Dock Service (End of S 570 Rd in Echo Bay)

7                      May 8th                                    9am to 4pm                 Patricia Island HOA boat ramp

8                      April 14th                                 8am to 4pm                 Goldner Dock Service (Sailboat Bridge)

9                      May 2nd                                   8am to 4pm                 Elk River Landing Resort (Cowskin Bay Bridge)

10                    To Be Announced

 For more information on the program, contact GRDA Superintendent of Shoreline Enforcement Scott Horton at (918) 256 0894.

You can also learn more online by visiting the program’s website at  www.grda.com/adopt-the-shoreline.

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