As it begins 2017, the Grand River Dam Authority does so with its “5E mission” always at the forefront.

GRDA takes this time to once again share the specifics of that mission with customers and stakeholders in the Grand Lake region and throughout Oklahoma.

Employees: With a workforce of 600-plus Oklahomans, GRDA has placed its employees at the forefront of the “5Es.” In 2017, they will continue to be a “diverse and energetic workforce, working together in a safe environment and treating each other with dignity and respect.” This workforce is the foundation for any and all accomplishments that come our way in 2017.

Electricity: The second “E” involves GRDA’s 24/7/365 product – electricity. In 2017, the Authority will continue to produce that electricity and expects to see even greater diversity in that production when the new Unit 3 gas generation plant comes online later in the year.

Environmental Stewardship: GRDA’s pledge to “practice environmental awareness and promote conservation and reclamation of the natural resources under our control” now includes the Illinois River as well as the Grand River System. We understand the value of these important Oklahoma waters and will continue to work in 2017 to preserve and protect them all.

Economic Development: GRDA understands that supporting “economic development, growth and quality of life enhancement in Oklahoma” must be done in many ways, such as supplying our customers with abundant and reliable electricity, supporting their development efforts and working with all our neighbors to make Oklahoma a better place to live, work and play.

Efficiency: Though listed as the final “E” GRDA’s efficiency mission is really the sum of all the other areas combined. As we operate “in the most efficient manner possible to benefit our ratepayers and the people of Oklahoma” we can achieve our goal of being an “Oklahoma agency of excellence.”

These are the things GRDA will work to accomplish every day in 2017.

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