The Growth of Running at Grand Lake

This past weekend was just another excellent example of a group of Grand Lake residents getting together to put on an event to attract people to Grand Lake at a time when they might not otherwise be coming…this time it was a 5K running event.

And based on what I could see, restaurants in the South Grand Lake area…Langley in particular, should be really thankful.

The South Grand Lake Lions Club held their 2014 Dam Fun Run last Saturday, April 5th, with several hundred runners and walkers taking their strides across Pensacola Dam from Langley to Disney and back.

For those that don’t know, a 5K is a little over 3 miles, so that is why they start in Langley – go across the dam – and then turn around and head back to Langley for the finish.

Last years event drew over 500 participants, and the word is that the 2014 event drew even more. You can see from the pictures that there were a whole lot of people running across the dam on Saturday morning.

Grand Lake 5K Run
Hundreds of runners crossed Pensacola Dam as part of the 2014 South Grand Lake Lions Club Dam Fun Run.

But what’s cool is that it isn’t just this one run that is bringing people to the Grand Lake area for something other than boating, fishing and partying.

Other 5K runs and events in the area include benefits for Grand Lake Fireworks on Saturday, June 7th; the Grand Coat Run in Grove in October; the 5K Jingle Bell Run in Grove in December and other 5K races held in conjunction with various festivals that happen around Grand Lake throughout the year.

The great thing about events like this is it attracts yet another group of people to the Grand Lake area, and yes, they come and spend money as well. In restaurants, gas stations and gift shops throughout the area.

Sure, this particular event was at the South end of the lake, but these 5K races and events draw great crowds all the time. No matter where they are held.

And while some may think this is something new for this area…years ago, probably over 25 years ago was the last one, the Ketchum United Methodist Men would put on a triathlon every year…complete with a running race, bicycle race and an open water swim in Duck Creek.

That, too, drew people from throughout the region.

Now it’s a new generation of Grand Lakers doing what they can to bring crowds to the lake, support great causes, and help area businesses.

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