It’s Spring Break 2015 time in Oklahoma!

And you are ready to scratch that itch – wherever it itches – to get back to Grand Lake.

The weather looks to be typical Oklahoma early spring…a little wet, a little sun, a little cool and a little warm…all rolled into one.

After the busyness of last weekend, this weekend is really kind of quiet around the lake. No boat shows or poker runs.

Which means it is almost the perfect Grand Lake weekend!

It’s all you to do what you want. Need some ideas…here you go:

  • Season Opening at Har-Ber Village – Saturday is a fundraiser day, then on Sunday the 15th Har-Ber Village opens for the 2015 season. If you haven’t been, you really should check it out – it’s a cool place.
  • Go Fishing – I’ve been seeing pictures of a bunch of crappie being caught. Yummm….crappie….
  • Rock Crawling – Go ahead and beat the crowds that will be coming for the BMR in a couple of weeks and visit Disney and partake in the awesomeness that is rock crawling and hill climbing below Pensacola Dam.
  • Check out Grand Lake real estate – yep…spring makes you want to house shop, doesn’t it. Whether you want a lakefront condo or waterfront home…there are all sorts of real estate agents ready to help you out.
  • Connect with your lake friends – most of the lakefront bars and restaurants have opened back up for the season, so it’s a perfect weekend to connect with old friends.
  • Um…oh yeah…Go BOATING!

Of course, if you have to and you already own some Grand Lake real estate, this might end up being one of those weekends that you spend cleaning up the yard and getting everything ready for the summertime fun.

Even if that’s the case…no worries…you are just making the best of your Grand Lake Living!

Glassy conditions at Grand Lake



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