The big chill is here, as Grand Lake is looking at the first hard freeze of the year on Friday night…which just happens to be Halloween.

But it’s weekends like this that make Grand Lake Living what it is.

There aren’t a million things going on…no running from Grove to Langley just for a chili cook-off or festival of some kind.

So, what do you do on a chilly weekend at Grand Lake in the fall when there aren’t a bunch of activities going on? Let me try to help you…

Friday is, of course, Halloween, so fun for all ages will no doubt be had.

Fall Colors at Grand Lake

Just another great weekend at Grand Lake with the colors of fall!

For the kids, there is trick or treating in your favorite Grand Lake area neighborhoods or many different truck or treats in the area.

And for the adults…well…fun will be had at all of your favorite night time hangouts.

Maybe you can take in a little high school football on this Friday night. At the south end of the lake, you can check out Afton and Ketchum getting tangled up at Ketchum High School.

This game is kind of a big deal, as both of these small Grand Lake high schools have already made the playoffs, but the winner of this game wins the district. And Ketchum has never won a district championship before. So, they are kind of fired up.

But it’s not just the football that will be going on…the Ketchum Booster Club serves turkey legs and pulled pork sandwiches and all sorts of other great stuff, and since it’s Halloween, there is a costume contest for the kids and trunk or treat going on at halftime.

And if you don’t live at the lake but come here often…this might be a cool thing for you to check out. Because the kids that go to Afton and Ketchum are the kids of the parents that work around Grand Lake all year to help make Grand Lake the place you love.

It’s just good, clean, small town living!

Anyway, earlier on Friday, at 11:30, is the ‘Pep Rally’ for the Grand Lake water level people at Cherokee Yacht Club.

These folks are trying to reverse the 20+ year practice of lowering the lake elevation to 741′ by Labor Day.

If your concerned about this, make sure to attend the rally. Or, if you can’t make it…get in touch with the South Grand Lake Chamber to see what you can do to help.

Then, over night on Friday…stuff is going to freeze!

So if you’ve got tomatoes or plants that you don’t want to freeze, you better get them inside.

It’s probably not a real big concern for boats that haven’t been winterized, as the lake itself is still warm enough that the actual air temperature right around the lake likely won’t get to the hard freeze point…but, it’s time to be aware anyway.

And now it’s on to Saturday and Sunday. So, what do you do? This is where it gets good…

Do whatever the heck you want!

You can chill and watch football. Go fishing. Maybe go wheelin’ below the dam. Do a little early Christmas shopping in Grove. Rake leaves.

Take a drive and check out the awesome fall foliage in the Grand Lake area.

Saturday night…more parties. All the usual places.

Bottom line is no rules. Nothing that others are expecting you to do.

So, relax, chill out and enjoy Grand Lake this weekend!


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