Reports that Grand Lake has closed down due to the Tulsa Boat Show and that all of the ‘cool kids’ and ‘shiny stuff’ (their words, not mine) are in Tulsa are, well, just flat out wrong.

Grand Lake is open this weekend, with hard-working Grand Lake business owners and employees hoping you will come spend this beautiful weekend at the lake.

And, my oh my, it is suppose to be BEAUTIFUL!

February. 70 degrees. Yep! Hope those people inside in Tulsa have fun.

So, what can you do this weekend? Well, let’s see….

  • Get on the lake! Got a boat with an outboard that doesn’t need to be de-winterized? Good for you! Get out there and use it! Even though they might be ghost towns, most of the marinas have those fancy 24 hour gas pumps…so do it!
  • Go fishing! I heard multiple reports in the last few days of people catching more crappie than they know what to do with! So, go to a local bait store – get what you need – and catch some dinner…or just catch for the fun. Catfish have been biting if you know where to find them and you are likely find some white bass up towards the rivers. You know what they say…the worst day fishing…
  • One word – JEEPIN! – There is a full schedule of off road events in 2015 scheduled for Disney, but not this weekend. And, that’s OK. Beautiful weather and uncrowded trails…that’s the perfect combination.
  • Do some work around the house – what a great weekend to get some of those projects around the house down. Whether it’s in the yard, on the dock or even – man I hope not – inside, get done what you need to get done. And yes…the Grand Lake area hardware stores and building supply stores are all open…
  • Go out to eat. You don’t know how happy Grand Lake area restaurant owners are to see you in the middle of the winter. It means more to them than you will ever know….
  • Or, you could just RELAX and not worry about anything. For me…that’s what Grand Lake is all about. It’s not about doing what the marketing robots tell you to do. Come to the lake (or STAY if you are already here), relax, enjoy your family and friends, read some books (Oh The Humanity!)…

Do what you want…you are at GRAND LAKE!


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