With last weekend being one of the coldest weekends of the year so far, it’s a great time to remember some safety tips for winter boating on Grand Lake. Now, we all know that Oklahoma weather, and it can change 3 times in a day, but it is still only the middle of January, so it’s best to keep these tips on your mind.

These tips we are sharing are all courtesy of GRDA, and you can check out their full article here.

Grand Lake Winter Boating Safety

A Cold Grand Lake Winter Morning…

First, always make sure someone has a cell phone. With fewer boaters on the lake, it’s much less likely that you will be able to flag down help if you have some trouble, so a cell phone makes a big difference.

Another great tip is to have a whistle attached to your life jacket. It makes a really loud sound and doesn’t take as much energy, should you find yourself in trouble.

A couple of things if you find yourself in the icy waters of Grand Lake this time of year. The cold water can rob your body of heat much faster than cold air, so if you can climb out of the water onto whatever structure you can find, that will reduce your risk to hypothermia, at least in the short term.

Also, wet clothes actually make your colder, so if you can shed clothing after being in the water, that also helps to keep your body temperature warmer.

A couple of other quick tips provided by GRDA…first, make sure people know you are going out and where you are likely to be. If you are going fishing in Drowning Creek…tell someone. Also, look out for icy patches. It hasn’t been that cold, YET, this year, but our Grand Lake winters can change on a dime. And, if you are out and see an icy area, please don’t go check it out, just avoid it.

Again, thanks to the Lake Police of GRDA for these great Grand Lake winter boating safety tips.


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