In order to complete a maintenance assessment project, the Grand River Dam Authority is announcing that the portion of Highway 28 that crosses over Pensacola Dam between Langley and Disney will be closed September 23rd to 27th (Monday – Friday), from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

“We understand this temporary closing will be an inconvenience for many people,” said GRDA Corporate Communications Director Justin Alberty. “However, a road closure will allow the work to move more quickly and much more safely for the personnel involved.”

“Our goal is to finish this work as safely and quickly as we can,” said Alberty, “and we appreciate the public’s cooperation during this temporary road closing.”Pensacola Dam Roadway Closed

What’s happening is that every two years GRDA is required to comply with a federal mandate that the Pensacola Dam roadway and bridge deck are inspected.

So, GRDA uses its “Snooper” truck to get an up-close look at all 51 arches that make up the Pensacola Dam.

The most recent federally-mandated inspection occurred in April 2012. However, unlike last year’s inspection – which was done to determine if there were any repairs that needed to be made – this latest work will focus on gathering estimates for materials to accomplish the repairs identified in that inspection.

So, make sure anybody you know that uses the Pensacola Dam roadway on a daily basis knows that it will be closed next week, so that they may plan accordingly.

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