Grand Lake’s favorite holiday – July 4th – is now right around the corner and folks plan all year for the Independence Day holiday time at Grand Lake.

Besides spending bazillions of dollars locally to buy fireworks and blow their own stuff up…people can’t wait for the legendary on the water fireworks shows.

This year July 4th falls on a Saturday – which likely means a shorter vacation weekend for you – but for those of us at the lake, the days all kind of run together every year around the 4th.

And…in case you are wondering…YES…the JETS ARE BACK for the Duck Creek Fireworks!

And this year will be no different with at least 2 evenings of sky filled fireworks over Grand Lake.

Here is a schedule of Grand Lake fireworks for 2015:

– City of Grove Fireworks – July 3rd

The City of Grove will host their annual July 3rd Celebration & Fireworks on Friday night, July 3rd (really!) at Wolf Creek Park. The fun and entertainment start in the park at 6:00 pm with the fireworks show set to boom a little after 9 pm out on the water of Wolf Creek.

– Grand Lake Fireworks – Disney OK – July 3rd

Grand Lake Fireworks, Inc., has been host for 7 years now of South Grand Lake’s newest and most accessible fireworks show that takes place on the water, between the spillways in Disney. This year the show happens on Friday night, July 3rd with loud noises and pretty colors starting around 9:30 pm.

Visit for more details or to donate to this great community event.

– Monkey Island Fireworks – July 3rd

Monkey Island Fireworks will return again this year on Friday night, July 3rd.

– Duck Creek Fireworks – Saturday, July 4th 2015

Speaking of loud noises…the Grand Daddy of all Grand Lake Fireworks shows is undoubtedly the Duck Creek Fireworks and this year the can’t miss event happens on Saturday night, July 4th 2015.


As usual, you can expect a full evening of awesome fly-overs by the warbirds and others (there are always others, no?) and then the show itself will start at dusk.

Visit their website at for details and updates.

Those are the biggies…the ‘on the water’ shows.

The communities surrounding Grand Lake will also be having their fireworks shows, including

  • Vinita Fireworks – July 2nd at the football stadium
  • Pryor Fireworks – July 3rd at the football stadium
  • Jay Fireworks – July 4th at the football stadium
  • Miami Fireworks – July 4th at Riverview Park

So there you have it.

Make plans now to come to Grand Lake for the July 4th holiday. And buy fireworks. And blow them up. And buy more fireworks. And blow them up.

And then check out one of the awesome Grand Lake fireworks shows for 2015!


Fireworks over Grand Lake




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