One of the Grand Lake area’s biggest events, John Sumner’s Big Meat Run, is set to return to the rocks below Pensacola Dam the weekend of March 18th through the 20th.

If you’ve been here…you already know what it’s all about. Rock crawling, off-roading and hanging out with thousands of your closest friends.

And if you haven’t, here is a quick overview…some of the best rock crawling and off-roading you will find in the United States, as well as hanging out with thousands of your closest friends.

Estimates put the crowd at 10,000-14,000 people in and around the Town of Disney on the Saturday of the Big Meat Run.

This is what I know from experience….there are a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE in Disney and it is no doubt one of the most popular rock-crawling events in this part of the country.

Thousands At Big Meat Run

The event was founded and gets it’s name from John Sumner of Sumner Machine Works in Arkansas City, KS – you can read more about the Sumner’s and the history of the Big Meat Run HERE.

What brings all these people to the South Grand Lake area is the fantastic natural rock garden and off-road trails that can be found on Grand River Dam Authority property below Pensacola Dam at Grand Lake.

And the location below the dam is always changing given the occasional flood-water release that runs through the area and constantly alters the terrain.

Event details are always being worked out until the last second, but there will be bounty runs again, including Viagra Hill, and there will be a great raffle with all sorts of great prizes donated from both off-road and equipment companies as well as local Grand Lake area businesses.

And if you don’t already have plans for a place to stay…well, good luck. No really…this is one event that sells out the entire area.

But you can check with the various lodging properties and places to stay at Grand Lake to see if they might have an opening, or maybe even you’ll get lucky and find someplace that has had a cancellation.

If you haven’t already, make plans now to join us in Disney at the 2016 Big Meat Run going on March 18-20. We’ll see you there!

Big Meat Run Rock Climbing

Note – Thanks to Mary Pryor for the photos used in this post

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