John Sumner’s 2018 Big Meat Run, the annual rock crawling extravaganza on the rocks below Pensacola Dam in Disney, OK, is all set and ready to roll this coming weekend, March 23rd-25th.

Thousands of rock crawlers, jeepers, 4×4 enthusiasts and folks that just want to see what’s up will be descending on Disney businesses and South Grand Lake for a weekend of crawling and fun.

Just to get this out there – I am not affiliated with the event in any way, this is just information gathered from all sorts of different sources that have info on the upcoming weekend.

To stay up to date with any changes or news associated with the event, visit the Facebook Event page HERE or the Big Meat Run page HERE.

Friday and Saturday are the big days, with people coming to Disney early in the week and Sunday, of course, being the day to regroup and get out of town.

Also, keep in mind that there will be all sort of vendors in town offering food and stuff, but make sure to visit the local Disney businesses and South Grand Lake businesses as well.

Big weekends like this are what keep many of the Disney businesses going – find some featured Disney businesses HERE.

And, this is just one of many great off-road weekends in Disney. You can see the entire 2018 Calendar of Events HERE.

If you don’t already have a place to stay, you might be out of luck. Well, you probably are out of luck when it comes to staying right in Disney.

But, you can visit THIS PAGE to find all of the lodging options in the Grand Lake area and go HERE to see all of the restaurant options in the South Grand Lake area.

First, the main event on Saturday:

Saturday, March 24 – Long John Sumner’s 2018 Big Meat Run

Big Meat Run Disney OK

BMR raffle registration will start around noon on Friday at Disney City Hall and continue Saturday morning at 9 am.

At the same time, volunteers for the Town of Disney are serving Biscuits and Gravy on Saturday, March 24th at City Hall 7am to 10am. Single is $3 and Double is $5 and includes a drink – so that’s pretty darn convenient.

Shirts and other BMR sway will be sold here along with additional raffle tickets for $5 each.

Viagra, Bounty Hill and Nasty Girl are all popular climbs that will have big crowds throughout the day.

When you register for the raffle, make sure to ask what time the big challenges will be going down on the popular climbs.

The Raffle will be Saturday the 24th @ 5:00 pm at Disney City Hall and will be next to the building if the weather is nice or inside if not.

***You must be present to claim your prize, if not we will draw another ticket***

Even if you aren’t signing up for the raffle, be sure to stop by Disney City Hall during the weekend and thank Mr. Long John Sumner himself for all of his dedication and years in the off-road industry.

The Big Meat Run has become a huge event to the South Grand Lake economy and John has been so instrumental in the event from the start – so take a minute and stop by and say Thanks.

Friday, March 23rd – BMR Poker Run hosted by Copperwood Lodge

Actually, for those of you who will already be here, you can get your party started on Thursday night, March 22nd, at Mooney’s Sunset Bar and Grill in Disney with a BMR Poker Run pre-registration party from 7pm to 9 pm. (Continue reading below)

2018 BMR Poker Run

You can save yourself $5 of the $25 Poker Run registration by attending the party and getting signed up on Thursday night.

Mooney’s will be featured $12 buckets of beer, food and there will be live entertainment.

Come on out, get registered for the Friday Poker Run, have some fun and enjoy a famous Grand Lake sunset from the deck at Mooney’s.

The Poker Run takes place on Friday in Disney. Here are the details on that:

  • Register from 11am to 4pm at Copperwood Lodge in Disney.
  • Registration fee is $25
  • Poker Run stops include:
    • Chezzies Convenience Store
    • Mooney’s Sunset Bar and Grill
    • Cedar Port Marina (with optional $10 extra card)
    • Rock Garden
    • Roll Over Hill
    • Spillways

Poker chips will be handed out at each location and you will receive a different color chip for each stop.

There will also be an option to purchase an additional chip at registration for only $10.

And, you can purchase an additional hand after you turn in your chips for $15.

You must collect all required chips for your hand to be dealt. All chips must be turned in by 5 pm at Bounty Hill for cards to be dealt.

Awards Ceremony and Live Music at Bounty Hill on Friday

From 1 pm to 7 pm on Friday, there will be free live music in the Bounty Hill area. The bands are Fault Line and Blind Pig.

Then, at 5 pm, after all the chips are turned in and the cards are dealt, will be the Poker Run Awards Ceremony.

Best hand gets $700 cash – Sweet!

All proceeds from the Friday Poker Run will go to support the Light Up Grand Christmas Project, which, among other things, buys Christmas presents for local kids during the holidays.

Also, on Friday, there will be a raffle associated with the Poker Run. This raffle is NOT a part of the official Big Meat Run raffle on Saturday, but does have it’s own great prizes.

And, all proceeds from the Friday raffle also go to John Sumner and his family.

Safety and Rules at BMR

You can be sure, that there will be a law enforcement presence throughout the event, as there should be when this many thousands of people all congregate at the same time and place.

Just use some common sense, folks.

There will be Disney police, Mayes County Sheriff, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Grand River Dam Authority. They will all be in town.

And if you don’t know who the Grand River Dam Authority is, you should. It’s GRDA property that you will be spending most of your time riding on, and they have the police powers to do what they need to do to promote safety and make sure people are following the law.

  • Don’t be stupid. Don’t drive (anything!) drunk. Don’t drive reckless. Don’t be a dumbass. Don’t have open containers. You break the law, you’ll get a ticket – pretty simple.
  • When driving on trails or the riverbed:
    • Always wear your seatbelt
    • Always wear a helmet
    • Follow manufacturers recommendation for passengers in your rig
    • Don’t have open containers!
  • GRDA has the right of way – They are not there to ruin your weekend…they are there to make sure people are safe and that people that need help, get it. So ifthey’ree in a hurry to get someplace, you need to get out of the way.

Chances are, if you are not riding on GRDA property, you will be Town of Disney property.

This graphic is from 2015, so don’t take it as gospel, but it does include the basics that you need to know as you are riding around town and from one place to another.

Disney OK Off-Road Rules


So, there you have it. Pretty much anything and everything you need to know to have a great time at the 2018 Big Meat Run. Enjoy!

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