After a difficult summer spent away from the office, Mark Young of 1st Capital Mortgage in Langley is back and ready to help with your home loan needs in the Grand Lake area.

As a native ‘Grand Laker’ and long time mortgage professional, Mark understands the challenges of getting property financed in the Grand Lake area and his experience and expertise in dealing with lakefront as well as rural properties comes in handy on every loan he works on.

Call 1st Capital Mortgage Grand Lake now at (918) 782-4994.

1st Capital Mortgage Grand Lake

Find 1st Capital Mortgage in the Grand View Landing center just North of Langley on Hwy 82…

Mortgage rates were creeping up throughout the summer, but appear to have stabilized and dropped a bit, so it’s still a good time to refinance your lake house or your primary residence or whatever Grand Lake real estate you might have.

1st Capital also has full access to Rural Development loans, which are perfect for 1st time home buyers in the Grand Lake area – from Pryor to Miami and from Vinita to Grove, and all points in between.

With access to the best interest rates available for qualified borrowers, 1st Capital Mortgage is the best local choice for your home loan needs in the Grand lake area.

Call Mark today at (918)782-4994 to get started on your refinance or new home purchase today.

NMLS # 221376




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