Do you know the best time to buy a home at Grand Lake?

The easy answer is whenever you are ready, but it’s also true that right now, in the Spring as we head into the Summer of 2016, it really is the very best time to buy at Grand Lake.

Why? Glad you asked…there are a few reasons – a combination of timing, development and the economy all working together.

  1. The Grand Lake region is set for unprecedented growth over the next few years as both national events and local investors combine to bring more people and more businesses to the Grand Lake area.
  2. The real estate market at Grand Lake has stayed relatively stable (values, inventory, etc) over the past few years and the market is set for growth with more sales, higher property values and greater demand.
  3. It’s still CHEAP! 4% interest rates…still? You better capitalize on these rates for your lake home while you can – because they will not last forever!
  4. Bonus – and the most important – reason to buy RIGHT NOW at Grand Lake – It’s because you are not getting any younger! Hate to break it to you, but if you want to enjoy the Grand Lake Living lifestyle…you need to get started now!

And so you better get in on the action before others start beating down our door.

By the way, did you know that you also have, at Grand Lake, access to the Bolt Fiber Optic network which brings you access to the fastest internet available…ANYWHERE!

Let’s recap just a bit…it’s the right time (before explosive growth), at the right place (Grand Lake…I mean, come on!), at the right price (those interest rates) to give you the lake lifestyle you’ve always wanted – while still staying connected to your business, family and everything the world has to offer.

So now we’ve got that out of the way…the next hurdle for you is how to buy that lakefront dream home – quickly and within your budget.

That’s where working with an experienced Grand Lake TEAM of Realtors like the Mlnarik Team come into play.

Grand Lake Mlnarik Real Estate Team

You can save yourself much time and effort by allowing the Mlnarik Team to narrow down the field of available homes for you to focus in on the your personal needs, preferences and budget.

Here is the thing, all Grand Lake Realtors are not the same.

And when you work with a Team of 3, like the Mlnarik Team, you are working with a team that has a proven record of success serving both sellers and buyers throughout Grove, Monkey Island and Grand Lake.

We also understand that the real work of a Realtor starts when a contract comes together and we will work tirelessly to help you overcome the challenges that will surely come up during the buying process.

Ways we will help you include…

  • If financing is needed, we will introduce you to lake lenders who offer experienced, reliable service to buyers of lakefront homes.
  • The GRDA has established guidelines and rules to help keep our lake healthy and prosperous that are in the long term interest of everyone. Through our long standing relationship we can help you work through any issues that might come up when buying your home, including GRDA encroachments, dock issues or whatever else it might be.
  • And we will work to overcome any other issues that may come up during the process, including property line disputes, HOA issues and more.

Here’s the thing…the sales production of the Mlnarik Team is among the top 5% of all Grand Lake area Realtors. And we continue to work hard for you everyday to keep it that way.

We’ve got 13 years worth of happy real estate customers who will attest to our professionalism, competency, ability to keep the process fun and, more than anything, help you get into the Grand Lake home of your dreams.

Call Larry at (918) 964-9028 or Todd at (918) 964-9029 or text ‘GrandLake’ to 55678 and of course you can visit our website at and let us get started working for you today!

Monkey Island real estate Mlnarik Team



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