It’s a good time to be a seller of real estate at Grand Lake, but it’s also still a great time to be a buyer.

According to Mark Young at 1st Capital Mortgage in Langley, the time is now to buy at Grand Lake because the feds are starting to do things that will eventually make interest rates go up…back into the 5% and 6% range.

What’s happened is the federal government has recently started cutting the amount of mortgages they will purchase every month, and this leads to higher rates.

Yes, it’s true…what the suits in Washington do ends up impacting buyers and sellers of Grand Lake real estate.

So if you’ve been on the fence about buying that first lake house, or upgrading your lakefront property, or even just buying your very first home, the time to act is now before rates start climbing up.

The reason, of course, if the higher the interest rate, the higher your payment. The lower the rate, the lower the payment and the more house you can afford.

And there are real estate agents all over Grand Lake eager to help…

You can read more from Mark at his website, or find his information below.

But the bottom line is this…now is a great time to buy real estate at Grand Lake.

And make sure you contact Mark Young at 1st Capital Mortgage Grand Lake for all your mortgage and home loan needs:

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