Still more good news for the Grand Lake area as we move into next week’s 2013 Tulsa Boat Show.

Per the Tulsa World, the total number of Tulsa area homes sold in 2012 was the highest since 2008. That is according to figures released by the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors. If it’s good for Tulsa real estate, then it’s good for Grand Lake real estate!

What that means is that people in Northeast Oklahoma are ‘tired of waiting’ to do things. Like buy a house and spend their money.

What that also means is those same people are more likely to be spending money on additional things, like a Grand Lake house, or a new boat, or an extended vacation at Grand Lake.

As the regional and state economy go, so goes Grand Lake. And, with Oklahoma’s economy maintaining stability over the past few years, and with spenders beginning to spend again, well, some of that money always tends to find it’s way to Grand Lake.

So, good work Tulsa home buyers. Grand Lakers Thank You!

Grand Lake House For Sale

Good news for Grand Lake real estate?

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