With the arrival of spring, and hopefully some beneficial rains, it’s a good time to remind GRDA patrons about staying safe around Pensacola Dam and other GRDA dams.

Around the Grand River Dam Authority’s hydroelectric facilities, “Safety First” is a top priority. Signs, buoys, sirens, fencing and flashing lights are all intended to notify those in the area when floodgates are open, generators are operating or water is rising swiftly.

SIGNS: Posted at GRDA hydroelectric facilities (Pensacola Dam, Robert S. Kerr Dam and the Salina Pumped Storage Project) to warn of extreme danger in floodgate areas. Please be aware of other signs near GRDA facilities that notify you of no trespassing areas, no diving areas, or unstable footing.

Grand Lake Oklahoma Pensacola Dam

Pensacola Dam at Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee

BUOYS: Red buoys and cabling above and below spillway gates and the hydroelectric powerhouse restrict access to dangerous areas associated with power generation or floodgate releases.

FLASHING LIGHTS: At hydroelectric facilities, flashing lights are activated when floodgates are opened or generation is taking place

SIRENS: These are located at various locations around the hydroelectric facilities and are utilized prior to the operation of hydroelectric generators and/or floodgates.

FENCING: In place to identify borders and to restrict access to certain areas near the hydroelectric facilities.

It is also important to note that, below Kerr Dam, GRDA relocated the fishing access and parking area a few years back.

This work was completed as part of new security requirements handed down by the federal government. While the new parking lot for fishing access has been moved to the southwest, fishermen are still able to access riprap areas below the dam by a fenced walkway.

While GRDA encourages anglers to utilize the fishing area, they are also encouraged to obey the safety notifications and secure areas.

For more information on GRDA hydroelectric facilities, visit grda.com.


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