Another week long July 4th celebration is about to take place on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake, so it’s time to remind people to be careful with everything they do on the water.

GRDA has recently put out a release reminding people to boat safe, smart and sober during the July 4th week. Click on that link to read the full release, but I couldn’t agree more!

You will also find all of the rules pertaining to Grand Lake’s busiest area…Duck Creek.

Boating at Grand Lake

Keep Grand Lake safe for EVERYONE during the July 4th holiday…

The other thing happening is there will be a bunch of people out boating at night going to and from Grand Lake area fireworks celebrations, and many of you who will be out at night aren’t that experienced.

Always make sure to where your life jackets ALL THE TIME when you are out at night, and the usual day time rules apply…look out for the other guy, give yourself plenty of room to stop, and the biggest of the big…make sure you are sober if you are driving your boat at night.

You do understand your nighttime navigation lights, right? If not…go figure it out. But here’s a quick refresher from

Okay, so if you are operating a boat and you see another boat off your starboard (right) side, you are considered the “give way” vessel.  Which means you are the boat that gives right-of-way to the other boat and move to avoid a collision. If it is night, and you see the red light on a boat, which indicates you are looking at their port(left) you must also react.

On the other hand, if you are a vessel and you see another vessel to your port(left) side, you are the “stand on” vessel.  Which means you are to continue in your same path.  Same at night, if you see the green light, which is on the starboard(right) side of a boat, they SHOULD know it is up to them to move.

However, the bottom line is to avoid a collision.  Even if you are on the boat considered the “stand on” if for whatever reason the “give way” vessel is not “giving way,” it is up to you to avoid the collision, then do so.

Clear as mud, right? Just be careful..

Now, during the day, for the next 10 days, Grand Lake will obviously be filled with big boats, little boats, personal watercraft, sailboats and everything in between.

Just use common sense out there folks. You can have fun without putting people in danger.

Having been a Grand Lake boater off and on for all of my soon to be 46 years, it really seems like the overall boating IQ of the ‘average’ Grand Lake boater has really gone down.

Part of that is the explosion in the number of personal watercraft on Grand Lake, and unfortunately many of these users just don’t understand how to safely operate their vessels.

But it all boils down to being smart out on the water.

You want to make sure those Grand Lake memories that last a lifetime are of a Grand time!

July 4th Grand Lake Oklahoma

Have a GRAND July 4th Week out on the waters of Grand Lake!

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