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3 Reasons NOW Is The Very Best Time To Buy At Grand Lake (And How To Do It Quickly)

Mlnarik Team Real Estate

Do you know the best time to buy a home at Grand Lake? The easy answer is whenever you are ready, but it’s also true that right now, in the Spring as we head into the Summer of 2016, it really is the very best time to buy at Grand Lake. Why? Glad you asked…there […]


Water Quality Remains A Core GRDA Mission

Grand River Dam Authority Oklahoma

First created in 1935 to be a “conservation and reclamation district” for the Grand River, the Grand River Dam Authority has been involved in the protection and preservation of Oklahoma’s natural resources ever since. With the establishment of its Ecosystems Management Department in the early 2000s and the completion of a state-of-the-art water quality monitoring […]


2016 Marks 10 Years Of Rush For Brush At Grand Lake

Rush For Brush at Grand Lake OK

We are just a couple of weeks out from the Grand River Dam Authority’s first “Rush For Brush” event of the season. The first “Rush For Brush” happens on Saturday, April 16th in Grove and the second happens Saturday, May 21st, at the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley. You can find out more […]


The Dare To Compare In-Water Boat Show at Grand Lake

Grand Lake In-Water Boat Show

Climb aboard the latest and greatest boat models at the 2016 Dare to Compare In-Water Boat Show, coming to Grand Lake on April 29-May 1st. This exciting event on Grand Lake, Oklahoma features boats ranging in size from 20’ to 60’, for rough seas or calm lakes, ready for boarding and viewing with pre-season specials available on many […]


Revisiting Zebra Mussels And What You Should Know

Zebra Mussels at Grand Lake

Zebra mussels are certainly not new to the Grand River Dam Authority, or to many lake users, however as the weather begins to warm and boats begin to hit the waters, it is a good to revisit the tiny creatures. Once referred to as “public enemy number one” on the United States Fish and Wildlife […]


2016 Off-Road Events in Disney

2016 Off-Road Events Disney OK

The 2016 Big Meat Run is just around the corner (March 18-19) and that means the off-road season is kicking off at Grand Lake. The off-road scene below Pensacola Dam in Disney has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, with a regular schedule of organized events that bring thousands of people […]


Boating Tips – Doubling The Line

Boat Tips -Grand Lake Oklahoma

Doubling a line can be very helpful when you are leaving a dock at Grand Lake. It allows everyone to be onboard when leaving rather than having a crew member un-cleat the dock line and jump on board. To double the line when docking, attach the loop end of the dock line to the appropriate […]