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The Latest From Grand Lake:

Rush For Brush Workshop is April 19th in Grove

Grand River Dam Authority

The GRDA Ecosystems Management Department has scheduled two “Rush For Brush” workshops for this year at Grand Lake. The first will be held on Saturday, April 19, at the Wolf Creek Park in Grove. Another workshop is then scheduled for June 7th, in the lower parking lot of the GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in […]


Severe Storm Season Is Here – Are You Covered?

Webb Insurance Agency Grove Oklahoma

Severe weather season is here again in Oklahoma and that means it’s time to take a look at your insurance policies to make sure you are adequately covered. Remember, your cars, boats and other Grand Lake toys are not covered under a homeowners policy.  So you need to be covered on a boat or auto […]


More Prize Winning Fish – But The Big Prizes Are Still Out There!

Tagged Bass at Grand Lake

The Grand Lake Extravaganza is well underway and there are tagged bass being caught all over Grand Lake. As of Monday the 14th of April, 44 tagged bass had been caught on Grand Lake since the April 1st beginning of the world’s largest tagged bass event. “This is an extraordinary number of tagged bass that […]


The Power of Fishing at Grand Lake

Grand Lake OK Tagged bass

Have you noticed all the attention fishing at Grand Lake has been getting? Just in the past couple of weeks I’ve stumbled across articles specific to fishing at Oklahoma’s Grand Lake online in newspapers from Sacramento, California to Kansas City to Ohio. Now THAT is good for business. And I didn’t go looking for them…links […]


A New $100,000 Prize in Grand Lake Extravaganza

Indigo Sky Casino Oklahoma

People from all over have already been winning great prizes in the 2014 Grand Lake Extravaganza, the world’s largest tagged bass event, going on at Grand Lake through May 18th. And now, Indigo Sky Casino has added to the excitement by sponsoring another $100,000 chance to win. On the very first day of the event, […]


Lake Hippie Rentals – Paddle Board Rentals at Grand Lake

Grand Lake Paddleboarding

Paddle boarding, or stand up paddleboarding (SUP), has finally found it’s way to Grand Lake. It always seems like it takes a while for the fun things people are doing on the coasts to get to us here in Oklahoma, but one of the greatest things, that is so amazingly good for the body and […]


April 10th Fishing Report

tony coatney largemouth bass

Hello Grand Lakers – Here is the latest fishing report from Tony Coatney… Well, the weather is finally starting to turn around some and the fishing is getting better with it. Last week we had the FLW Rayovak Tournament, and this week here all week is the The Bass Federation National Championship. Let me tell […]