Resorts and Places to Stay at Grand Lake

Are you planning a Grand Lake getaway? Whether it’s for a crowd, or just for you; for a day or for a week, this page is your complete guide on places to stay at Grand Lake.

From Full-Service Luxury to Rustic Getaways – Find Your Grand Lake Destination Here

Are you wondering where to stay on your next – or your first – Grand Lake getaway?

Well, you are in luck because there are all sorts of great resorts, vacation rentals, campgrounds, RV resorts, and more at Grand Lake.

Even better – this page you are on right now is the most complete listing of ALL the places to stay in the Grand Lake area – so you should be able to find what you are looking for right here, right now!

Visit these pages for more specific properties: Vacation Rentals at Grand Lake and the Guide to RV Resorts and Camping at Grand Lake

From luxurious waterfront resorts with all the amenities like the Shangri-La Resort and Conference Center to rustic cabin getaways or state-of-the-art RV Resorts with all the amenities to the very popular vacation home rentals, Grand Lake has a place to stay for everyone.

Plus Grove, the commercial hub of the Grand Lake area, has several traditional hotels for your stay in the Grand Lake area – ideal if you are coming for a Grand Lake fishing trip.

The featured listings you will find on this page for these Grand Lake destinations are designed to make it super easy for you to find the information you need and make it simple for you to contact these resorts and places to stay directly.

If you know the type of property you are looking for, you can use these quick links to jump down the page:

  • Lakefront Resorts – From full-service resorts to featured RV Resorts and campgrounds, this is where you will find that lakefront resort you are looking for.
  • Vacation Rentals – Grand Lake is becoming a super-popular vacation rental market. So popular, in fact, that we’ve created a separate page just for Grand Lake vacation rentals.
  • Not Lakefront accomodations – So maybe lakefront isn’t what you are looking for, but you still want to be ‘at’ the lake. Check out these non-lakefront featured destinations – from vacation rentals to hotels to RV parks.

Featured Lakefront Resorts at Grand Lake:

Featured Non-Lakefront Accommodations

For a lot of reasons – cost, crowds, privacy – many of you might be more interested in a place to stay that is near the lake, but not on the lake.

Well, there are lots of great places that fit that bill around Grand Lake as well.

Find what you might be looking for here, and don’t forget to check the Vacation Rentals and RV Resorts pages as well.

Hilltop Inn & Suites

Work 61991 E. 315 Road Grove OK 74344 Work Phone: (918) 786-7755

Dam Hotel at Disney Island Outfitters

Work 219 W. Main Disney OK 74340 Work Phone: (918) 435-4536 Website:

Grand Valley RV Community

Work 25481 S. 646 Rd Grove OK 74344 Work Phone: (479) 409-0796 Website:

Monkey Island RV Resort

Work 56140 E. 280 Rd Monkey Island OK 74331 Work Phone: (918) 257-6400 Website:

Copperwood Lodge

Work 220 W. Main St. Disney OK 74340 Work Phone: (918) 435-5577 Website:

Angler’s Inn

Work 430 N. 21st Street Grove OK 74344 Website:

The Lake Lodge at Grand Lake

Work 24060 S. 580 Rd Grove OK 74344 Work Phone: (918) 314-9968 Website:

Mooney’s Sunset Hotel

Work 330 Lakefront Street Disney OK 74340 Work Phone: (918) 435-5200 Website:

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