Lodging and Places To Stay at Grand Lake

Places to stay at Grand Lake OK

Are you looking for a place to stay for your next Grand Lake getaway? Luckily you can find all sorts of great lodging and resorts at Grand Lake.

From luxurious waterfront resorts with all the amenities to rustic getaways to the very popular vacation rentals, Grand Lake has a place to stay for everyone.

Plus Grove, the commercial hub of the Grand Lake area, has several traditional hotels for your stay in the Grand Lake area.

Keep in mind – Grand Lake is pretty big (duh).

So you want to make sure you find a place to stay in the area you want to be in so you don’t spend a bunch of your Grand Lake time driving all over the place just to get to where you want to go.

To help you out, here are the details on some Featured Grand Lake Oklahoma resorts. And if you are wondering, yes, they have paid to be featured on this website.

Featured Grand Lake OK Resorts:

If that didn’t help you, then below the places to stay around Grand Lake have been sorted based on the type of property – from resorts to campgrounds.

So, here are a few links to help you find that perfect place to stay at Grand Lake:

Grand Lake Oklahoma Resorts – Click HERE

If you are looking for summer fun or lake focused relaxation, then your best bet is a lakefront resort.

Many of the lakefront resorts around Grand Lake include lake access, swimming docks, swimming pools, and even boat and watercraft rentals.

Make sure you ask specifically what the resort your considering offers before booking your stay.

Grand Lake area Hotels & Motels – Click HERE

The Grove area has the largest concentration of hotels and motels in the area, which is a natural since most of the larger fishing tournaments that come to Grand Lake launch out of the World-class Wolf Creek Park facility.

Many weekends through the spring it will be very difficult to get a hotel room in Grove because of the fishing tournaments.

The hotels in the area are a great option when you are just here for an overnight stay or have things that you are here to do.

Grand Lake area Cabins and Campgrounds and RV Resorts

Grand Lake has a bunch of resorts that offer campgrounds, cabins and RV hook-ups. Find Grand Lake RV Resorts HERE and then find Grand Lake area Campgrounds and Cabin Resorts HERE.

Some are better maintained than others, so check for reviews before booking your stay.

Also, the campgrounds can be found from one end of the lake to the other, so make sure you end up near where you want to be.

Grand Lake Vacation Rentals – Click HERE

The number of vacation rentals offered by owner has grown tremendously over the past few years at Grand Lake.

Which means you can find that perfect place for your Grand Lake trip whether you are looking for a romantic weekend of a big family outing.

A quick word about VRBO.

VRBO has moved to a business model where not only do they make money from the property owner, but they also charge YOU, the renter, a percentage at checkout when you book through VRBO.com.

For that reason, many property owners are moving away from VRBO with the expectation that you book directly with them (the property owner) for your stay.

So, yes you can check out Vacation Rental By Owner and other similar websites for a complete list of Grand Lake vacation rental properties, but if you find one you like and want to book – look in to contacting that property owner directly and saving yourself some money.

A special note about holiday weekends at Grand Lake –

They say that on the holiday weekends (Memorial Day, July 4th holiday and Labor Day) that Grand Lake becomes the 3rd largest city in Oklahoma.

I don’t know who made up that stat, but enough people have repeated it over the years that it must be true.

So, if you are planning a trip to Grand Lake on a busy summer weekend – especially anything around the July 4th holiday – you better plan early.

Your options may get limited really fast with thousands of your closest friends already having booked their place to stay at Grand Lake.

With such a wide variety of lodging options, you are sure to find the overnight accommodations that satisfy you and meet your relaxing and or playful expectations at Grand Lake.

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