Where To Eat at Grand Lake


The Grand Lake area has some excellent restaurants, from award winning ‘American’ and ‘Mexican’ foods to your favorite diners and everything in between.

Plus you will find all sorts of ‘on the water’ places to relax with Grand views and great food and fun.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner…it doesn’t matter.

Wherever you are around Grand Lake you will find just what you are looking for.

Scroll down to find restaurants in specific areas of the lake, but also make sure you check out these featured Grand Lake area restaurants:


Featured Grand Lake Area Restaurants:



And this should help you find what you are looking for depending on what area of Grand Lake you find yourself (note, each heading here is a link that will open with a list of restaurants).

– Waterfront Bars and Restaurants – CLICK HERE

One of the best things about being at the lake is being able to eat and drink in a waterfront restaurant.

Grand Lake has plenty of those, the from Pensacola Dam to Grove.

So if you are looking for someplace that is accessible by boat, or just like to eat someplace and enjoy the waterfront setting, click the link above to find the waterfront restaurants at Grand Lake.

Grove Area Restaurants – CLICK HERE

Grove is the commercial hub of the Grand Lake area and has the highest concentration of restaurants in the area.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner…you can find it all pretty easily in Grove.

And, along the way stumble across some really good, locally owned restaurants.

South Grand Lake Restaurants – CLICK HERE

The South Grand Lake area runs roughly from Bernice on the North and West side of Grand Lake, then southwesterly to Pensacola Dam and back around the South and East side of the lake to Drowning Creek.

So it’s a pretty big area!

In that area, though, the majority of the restaurants can be found in the communities of Ketchum, Langley and Disney.

From awesome omelettes at Stuffin’s in Ketchum, to juicy and delicious fried chicken at The Chicken Coop in Langley to the award winning American Cuisine at The Artichoke…South Grand Lake has some great places to eat.

 Monkey Island Bars & Restaurants – CLICK HERE

Ahhh…legendary Monkey Island…at least a legend in it’s own mind!

Monkey Island has certainly seen a rebirth over the past decade with the re-emergence of Shangri-La Golf Club and Resort and continues to have several great options for your food and drink pleasure.

So there you have it.

Of course you can also find other places to eat in the Grand Lake region, like the legendary Clanton’s Cafe in Vinita on Route 66 that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Plus, all of the casinos on Northeast Oklahoma have a wide range of restaurant options.

Bottom line…there is no reason to go hungry…there are plenty of restaurants around Grand Lake to keep you fat and happy!



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