Eating and Drinking at Grand Lake

Your complete guide to restaurants and around Oklahoma’s Grand Lake.

Food and Drinks around Grand Lake

Hungry? Thirsty? If you are looking for a complete list of bars and restaurants around Grand Lake, you’re in luck – you’ve found it!

The Grand Lake area has some excellent restaurants, from award-winning ‘American’ and ‘Mexican’ foods to your favorite diners and everything in between.

Plus you will find all sorts of ‘on the water’ places to relax with Grand views and great food and fun.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner…it doesn’t matter.

Wherever you are around Grand Lake you will find just what you are looking for.

Scroll down to find restaurants in Grove, on Monkey Island, in the South Grand Lake area, and all points in-between.

Waterfront Restaurants and Bars at Grand Lake

Lakefront Restaurants

One of the best things about being at the lake is being able to eat and drink in a waterfront restaurant.

Grand Lake has plenty of those, from the Pensacola Dam to Grove.

So if you are looking for someplace that is accessible by boat, or just like to eat someplace and enjoy the waterfront setting, here you go:

Doc’s Bar and Grill

Address 57301 East Highway 125 Monkey Island OK 74331 United States Phone: (918) 257-4204 Website: Website and Menus

Mooney’s Sunset Bar and Grill

Address 330 Lakefront Drive Disney OK 74340 Phone: (918) 435-5200

The Grill at Indian Hills

Address 415 Park Drive Bernice OK 74331 Phone: (918) 256-6954 Website:


Grove Area Restaurants

Sailboat Bridge Grove OK

Grove is the commercial hub of the Grand Lake area and has the highest concentration of restaurants in the area.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner…you can find it all pretty easily in Grove.

And you can stumble across some great locally-owned restaurants along the way.

Check out these Featured Grove area restaurants…

La Casita de Martin

Address 23 West 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: 918-787-7994 Website: Website and Menu

Goodfella’s Pizzeria

Address 6 West 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 786-1888 Website: Website: Menu

The Local Farm To Table and Venue

Address 29800 S. 595 Rd Grove OK 74344 Phone: (405) 426-5696 Website:


Monkey Island Bars and Restaurants

Shangri-La Resort Hotel and Conference Center

Ahhh…legendary Monkey Island…at least a legend in its own mind!

Monkey Island has certainly seen a rebirth over the past decade with the re-emergence of Shangri-La Golf Club and Resort and continues to have several great options for your food and drink pleasure.


The Summit Restaurant & Buffalo Bar

Address 31000 South Hwy 125 Monkey Island OK 74331 Phone: (918) 257-4200 Website: The Summit Restaurant

Doc’s Bar and Grill

Address 57301 East Highway 125 Monkey Island OK 74331 United States Phone: (918) 257-4204 Website: Website and Menus

Changos Locos

Address 55925 1/2 E. Hwy 85A Afton OK 74331 Phone: (918) 219-5858

South Grand Lake Area Restaurants

Grand Lake Oklahoma Pensacola Dam

The South Grand Lake area runs from Cleora on the North, South to the Towns of Ketchum and Langley, then back to the East to Drowning Creek.

So it’s a pretty big area – and includes the popular Duck Creek arm of Grand Lake.

In that area, though, the majority of the restaurants can be found in the communities of Ketchum, Langley, and Disney.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – you can find what you are looking for in the South Grand Lake area.

Featured Restaurants:

Copper Penny Bar and Grill

Address 711 E. Ketchum Ketchum OK 74349 Phone: (918) 782-3262

The Artichoke

Address 35878 S Highway 82 Langley OK 74350 Phone: 9187829855 Website: Website: Open Table for Reservations

Drunken Rooster Bar & Grill

Address 451054 E. 320 Rd Afton OK 74331 Phone: (918) 782-6304 Website: Our Menu

Goodfella’s Pizzeria – Cleora

Address 450677 E Hwy 85 Cleora OK 74331 Phone: (918) 782-2000 Website: Website Website: Menu

Cove Club

Address 592 OK-28 Langley OK 74350 Phone: (918) 782-6134 Website: Website

Pickles Pub

Address 2036 N. 3rd Street (Hwy 85) Langley OK 74301 Phone: (918) 782-3455


Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check out the Grand Lake Business Directory for a complete listing of area restaurants.

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