Contractors & Home Services Providers

Contractors & Home Services Providers

Are you looking for contractors around Grand Lake Oklahoma?

Maybe you need an emergency repair at your lake home or business?

You are in luck because on this page you’ll find many great Grand Lake area contractors, including HVAC pros, electricians, roofers and more.

Please note that we at strive to only feature reputable Grand Lake businesses and contractors, but do know that the contractors featured on this and other pages have paid to be featured on this website.


Featured Grand Lake Area Contractors:


General Contractors and New Home Construction

Ready to build your first, or next, Grand Lake home? The Grand Lake area is home to several excellent contractors who can certainly build you the home of your dreams. Check them out here:


Architects and Home Designers

If you are going to build a Grand Lake home… you need to have a design. And it’s always best to have someone who KNOWS Grand Lake do that for you.


Dock Repair and Construction

Got a dock? Chances are you need ongoing repairs. Or…maybe you are just ready for a new boat dock at your Grand Lake property. Obviously, Grand Lake is home to many great dock companies.


Excavation and Dirt Work

Need some dirt work done at your Grand Lake property?  Water lines, sewer lines, building pads, even rock hauled.

If you need anything like that done in the Grand Lake area…start here:

Newman’s Land Improvements

Address Grove OK 74344 Phone: (417) 388-5246


Garage and Overhead Door Contractors

You know what sucks? Showing up to your lake home and your garage door doesn’t work. Don’t ask me how I know that….


Heat and Air Contractors

It gets HOT in Oklahoma. And you do NOT want to be without cold air during the Grand Lake summertime. Here are great, and local, ac repairs and installation companies.


Lawn, Landscape and Hardscape Contractors

Curb appeal. You know you want it, you know you need it. But you also do NOT want to spend your Grand Lake getaway time mowing and taking care of the yard.

Also…companies here that are great for retaining walls, patio work, and all of your landscape and hardscape needs.


Pest Control

One thing we have around Grand Lake is a LOT of pests. Of course, I’m talking about spiders, bugs, rascally varmints and all their friends.

Luckily there are several trusted and local pest control companies around Grand Lake that you can count on to help you – either with ongoing monthly programs or if you need a one-time termite inspection or something like that.

Our recommendation is to get on a regular schedule with one of the local companies, and that way you don’t have to worry about rolling up to a house covered in spider webs and bugs.

And, around Grand Lake, that can happen pretty darn quick in the summertime.

And it’s not just homes that are affected.

These pest control companies are happy to help with your pest control on docks, at your business, at local marinas – everywhere that spiders, wasps and their annoying friends can find to make a little home for themselves.


Plumbing Contractors

When you need a plumber, you need a plumber. Enough said on that.


Pressure Wash and Soft Wash

Is your Grand Lake property getting a little dirty on the outside? Some baked in dirt and grime that needs to be gone? Here you go:


Remodeling and Home Repair Services

There are a LOT of remodeling contractors around Grand Lake and home repair services/handymen companies. Make sure you do your homework before hiring someone…


Roofing Contractors

Whether it’s from storm damage or just old age…roof replacement is just a part of the joy of homeownership. Yes, even your lake house.


Tips on Hiring A Grand Lake Area Contractor

Hiring the right contractor for your Grand Lake area project is that thing that just always feels like a bit of dice roll.

You’ve done your research, gotten recommendations from friends, got yourself at least 3 bids (you did get 3 bids, didn’t you), and even checked references.

But there is always that hesitation right before you write that first check or sign that contract.

Grand Lake Oklahoma contractors

Why is that?

Because it boils down to this… no matter how much homework and checking you do, how do you know you’ve got a good contractor, someone you can trust to do a good job for a fair price and stand behind his or her work?

And, you’ve likely heard horror stories about working with contractors in the Grand Lake area.

Well, unfortunately, there are no guarantees. But, you can improve your chances of a great project by following a few simple guidelines.

The first thing you need to do is define, in broad terms, exactly why you need a contractor and what your project consists of.

  • Are you looking to build a custom Grand Lake waterfront home or remodel your existing home?
  • If your remodeling, are you wanting a whole new kitchen, or just some new appliances?
  • Redoing the exterior of your home or business? Are you looking to paint the existing exterior or replace with all new siding or brick?

Next, at least have a ballpark figure of what your project should cost, even before contacting any contractors. If your dream kitchen costs $50,000 and your remodeling budget is $25,000, then it’s time to get realistic!

Are there any legal requirements for your project? Certainly, within developments around the lake, there are Homeowners Assocations, building restrictions and minimums and other things that may limit what you can and can not do.

Also, make sure if you are building a new home, or adding living space and adding a bathroom that you are able to add that bathroom in compliance with DEQ regulations. Especially if your property is on a septic system.

I know people say it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, but DEQ frowns on that sort of thing.

Finally, how involved are you going to be in your project? Do you want to act as your own General Contractor and be responsible for hiring your own electrician, plumber, heat and air contractor,  roofer, etc?

Or would you rather pay a professional contractor who already has the contacts and the trust of area professionals.

There is no right or wrong way, but you must be comfortable with your decision.

Once you’ve got all this figured out, then it’s time to really start digging, whether it’s for a general contractor to handle your entire project, or whether you need to hire the individual contractors to handle the different parts of your project.

But, one thing…

I have heard (as a recovering real estate appraiser I’ve heard a lot over the years around Grand Lake!) many, many people express frustration with contractors and service providers in the Grand Lake area.

Things like they don’t show up on time, just quit showing up, tried to overcharge, working on ‘Grand Lake Time’…all of that stuff.

And, I have no doubt that stuff happened to those people.

But here is the lesson…don’t hire the first guy you talk to!

Get recommendations, references, and bids from other Grand Lake contractors and then make an informed decision.

That way, your Grand Lake construction project should be able to be a stress-free project, for everyone involved!

Grand Lake waterfront home


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