The first, and arguably the most important, step in building or remodeling your new Grand Lake business or dream home is selecting a Professional Architect or Designer that knows the area, knows the Builders, construction methods and is current with the latest trends and styles.

Studies have shown that hiring an Architect not only saves construction time on your project, it also saves money and confusion during construction.

Architects are master builders/planners by definition, and by having a detailed and well thought out plan your project is much more likely to run on time and on budget with the savings through efficiency far exceeding the cost of hiring your Architect. 

Design professionals make a living making sure the details, features and esthetic considerations of your project meet your individual needs and lifestyle, culminating in a new space that is livable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

These professionals take that style and mold it with the structural and mechanical requirements of your home and your lot and outline a detailed plan that guarantees a successful project.

Another important consideration is that Architects and Designers typically provide you with a detailed construction estimate, so when you meet with Contractors and Builders you have the upper hand evaluating bids and proposals.

So take my advice and hire a Professional Architect to help you build all your Grand Lake dreams, you’ll be glad you did!


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