GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center

The GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center, located at the West end of the Pensacola Dam in Langley, OK., is dedicated to greater ecosystems and lake management and education in Northeast Oklahoma.

GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center
The GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center is located at the west end of the Pensacola Dam in Langley.

Besides being GRDA’s ‘storefront’ on Grand Lake, this state of the art facility comes complete with a water quality laboratory that is the foundation of GRDA’s ecosystem efforts. By monitoring water quality, GRDA is able to manage the GRDA ecosystem in a way that helps to ensure the long-term  health and stability of Grand Lake and Lake Hudson.

Most people, however, will never see the water lab as this Ecosystems & Education Center is truly a Grand Lake visitors center complete with banquet rooms, lake information and even the offices of the Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

The large Grand Hall meeting room provides banquet and meeting space with panoramic views of Grand Lake and Pensacola Dam. The Grand Hall is used for everything from Chamber of Commerce meetings to private banquets and receptions, as well as a perfect place for seminars and other presentations related to lake management, hydroelectric power or area history.

The intimate theater located in the GRDA building serves as the new starting point for the popular summer tours of historic Pensacola Dam. Each year thousands of visitors come through the Ecosystems & Education Center doors to enjoy the tours of Oklahoma’s first hydro-electric facility.

Additionally, the Ecosystems & Education Center is the home to the offices for GRDA permits, where people can find and submit applications for any kind of dock, event or construction permits that may be needed.

And of course the central location of the GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center provides a perfect location for the GRDA Police & Lake Patrol to headquarter throughout the busy lake season with easy access to both Grand Lake & Lake Hudson.

While the public benefits in many ways from this beautiful facility in Langley, ultimately it’s the Grand River Dam Authority who gets to use the Ecosystems & Education Center on a daily basis as a management tool for the entire Grand Lake region.

The facility is open year round to the public with information on Grand Lake, Lake Hudson and the surrounding area of Northeastern Oklahoma.

GRDA Ecosystems & Education Center
420 Highway 82
Langley, OK 74350
(918) 782-4726