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Beauty and wellness at Grand Lake

From hair salons to day spas to massages, it is easy to pamper yourself and maintain your beauty and wellness at Grand Lake.

With that in mind, check out these great Grand Lake area spas and salons.

Featured Grand Lake Area Spas and Salons:


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More Spas and Salons around Grand Lake


L. Reneau Salon and Spa
Address 1103 E. 13th Street Suite D Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 964-7022
Categories: Free-Listings, Salons and Spas
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The Spa at Shangri-La
Address 57301 East Highway 125 Monkey Island OK 74331 Phone: 918-257-4204 Website: The Spa at Shangri-La
Categories: Salons and Spas
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The Lighthouse – Florals, Gifts, Salon
Address 811 Morrow Drive Langley OK 74350 Phone: (918) 261-4957
Categories: Free-Listings, Salons and Spas, South Grand Lake Merchants
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Glamour Glow Aesthetics
Contact: Konny Kibbey
Address 445800 OK-28 STE F LANGLEY OK 74350 Phone: (417) 434-0349
Categories: Free-Listings, Salons and Spas
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Awesome Massage
Address 825 E. 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (405) 702-3929
Categories: Free-Listings, Salons and Spas
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Hollywood Glamour Salon
Address 955 N. 3rd Street Langley OK 74350 Phone: (918) 244-6526 Website: More Information
Categories: Salons and Spas
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Illusions Day Spa
Address 414 E. 3rd St Suite F Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 787-5545
Categories: Free-Listings, Salons and Spas
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Finding the right Grand Lake salon or spa can be difficult because there are so many and each tends to have their own unique style.

Luckily, once you find the right place, you probably won’t need to go looking again for a long time as you will probably keep going back to the same Grand Lake spa or salon over and over.

Here are a few tips when it comes to searching for the right spa or salon for you…

  1. Get References – Obviously the best tips will come from your girlfriends and others who have their go to salon or person in the area. But remember, just because it’s the right place for you friends doesn’t mean it will be the right place for you.
  2. Reliable – Make sure the salon or spa you are considering is reliable. This kind of ties in with getting references and referrals from your friends. The more recommendations you get for 1 place in particular, the more reliable that place is likely to be.
  3. Consultation – If the salon and spa you are considering is serious about wanting your business, they will definitely be happy to sit down and talk with you before your first appointment. This gives you a chance to meet your hairdresser, make sure they can do the styling and colors you want, and find out exactly what spa services they offer.
  4. Listening – Make sure whoever you choose really does listen to you to give you the style, look and feel you deserve!

Most of all, just take the time to make sure you decide on a place that will make you feel special and beautiful.

Grand Lake OK Spas and Salons



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