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In need of a reliable lawn service or landscape company for your Grand Lake area property?

Grand Lake Lawn Care and landscaping companies

Luckily there are several companies and many individuals throughout the Grand Lake region who are eager to help with your landscaping and yard needs…making sure the yard and landscaping at your Grand Lake home or cabin looks great every time you show up.

Check out these local lawn and landscape companies and then keep reading below for some things to consider when hiring a lawn care company for your Grand Lake home.

Nothing is better than showing up at your Grand Lake property and seeing how great it looks because you’ve hired the right lawn care company!


Featured Grand Lake Landscapers:



More Landscape and Yard Companies in the Grand Lake area:


Acce Lawn Care
Address 438596 E. Hwy 10 Welch OK 74369 Phone: (918) 937-2195
Categories: Landscaping
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Sharp Scapes, LLC
Address 1 W. 3rd Street Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 314-4727
Categories: Landscaping
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PaceCutters Lawn Care, LLC
Address P.O. Box 578 Langley OK 74350 Phone: (918) 782-7668
Categories: Landscaping
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Hopper’s Lawn Care and Landscaping
Address 6496 E 405 Rd Strang OK 74367 Phone: (918) 803-3225
Categories: Landscaping
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Kay’s Lawn Service
Address 450234 E. 340 Rd. Afton OK 74331 Phone: (918) 782-8203
Categories: Landscaping
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DB Lawn Care
Address 702 S. Grand Grove OK 74344 Phone: (918) 791-1817
Categories: Landscaping
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Green Country Total Property Maintenance
Address 35712 Grand Pointe Vinita OK 74301 Phone: (918) 344-7350
Categories: Landscaping
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Make it easy on yourself by checking out these proven and reliable Grand Lake landscape and lawn service companies so you can relax and enjoy your time at Grand Lake doing the things you like to do…like enjoying family, or going fishing and boating, or just – relaxing

Many of you might not even need to worry about hiring for lawn care if you live or have a house in a development that includes all exterior maintenance.

But for most Grand Lakers having a reliable lawn care and landscape company is something that is vital to making your trips to Grand Lake the best.

Having known several people over the years who have tried to ‘do it all themselves’, I can tell you that nobody really likes coming to the lake…only to spend their entire time mowing, weed eating, cleaning up debris along the shoreline and all of that kind of stuff.

And lawn services aren’t just for the 2nd homeowners and part-time Grand Lakers.

When life takes over and you ‘get busy living’, it’s good to know that your yard and landscaping are taken care of.

That way, after work, you can go fishing or for a boat ride or any number of things that make up Grand Lake Living!

As you are considering different contractors to hire for your lawn and landscaping services there are a couple of things to keep in mind and ask before you hire someone…

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have liability insurance?
  • Ask for references and check out some of the other properties the company takes care of so you can see if you like their work.
  • Do you need a month to month contract or do you want to do a yearly contract and include stuff like leaf removal in the fall and winter months.
  • Finally…what does you gut tell you? Is this someone or a company you can trust?

With so many reputable lawn and landscape companies in the Grand Lake area, you won’t have any problem finding the right pro to work on your yard.



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